N-SALE 2019!!!

Let's be real for a minute. . . is the sale really that great? Well I guess we're gonna find out! I've only shopped in store once probably 3-4 years ago and I did actually snag some good stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I L O V E to splurge on things I know I'll wear again and again. Then again, I dislike how sometimes I feel pressured to buy something and throw it in the back of my closet because I've already shared it with y'all. So I always try to buy things I can wear multiple times multiple ways. I mean, how often do you all buy something and only wear it once?! I think a lot of times I get caught up in trying to stay #ontrend when I should just wear what makes ME look and feel good. That being said, don't feel pressured to buy something EVEN if it is a good deal, buy it because you love and it you'll wear it! No pressure here, just sharing my picks and buys!

The Nordstrom Sale is a sale that Nordstrom does at the end of every …

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