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All About Hair

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Daily Routine


During the summer, or if I am feeling extra lazy, I'll wear my hair naturally curly. If its humid or rainy I definitely opt to just leave my hair natural because otherwise is gets curly on its own anyways! I start with my hair wet and spray in It's a 10 leave in conditioner. Then I will use a little bit of Ogx coconut oil and distribute throughout my hair and I just let it dry! If I am somewhere extremely humid or its raining out,  I'll use a little extra to prevent it from frizzing. No. 1 tip for curly hair: the less you touch it, the less it will frizz. 


I hardly EVER dry my hair. It makes my hair frizzy and I don't like the texture I get after I dry my hair. Also, my curls last so much longer if I don't dry my hair before curling it. I still use the It's a 10 and coconut oil on my hair when its wet and then I usually will let my hair air dry if I have time or I sleep with it in a braid. Next I'll brush out and section it in half. I use a 1 in barrel curling iron and curl about 2 in sections alternation to the front and to the back. I think this makes your curls look more natural and keeps them from sticking together. 

Favorite Products

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If you are a blonde, have color treated, or damaged hair this product will change your life. It was first introduced to me after my hair experience a "chemical cut" and I had little destroyed pieces of hair all over my head. I was absolutely devastated. Then I was introduced to Olaplex and it completely change my life! It doesn't solve damage overnight but it makes it feel a whole lot better- even after just one use! It makes your hair so soft and shiny and fixes heat damage as well! It's best used when your hair is wet but has NOT been washed. You can either sleep with it on or leave it on for as long as you can and then wash it out. The best way to get ahold of this product is through your salon- I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. Step three is what you use at home. 

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It's a 10

This is a longtime favorite of mine. Having super naturally curly hair, my hair is extremely hard to brush through especially when its wet. This leave in conditioner works as a detangler for me and it leaves my hair soft without being greasy!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo- Tropical

Guys... this is literally the best dry shampoo ever. I have tried 1,000 different kinds and I absolutely swear by this stuff. I hate having my hair feel gunky or just heavy with product- which is what I got with every other brand of dry shampoo I tried. This stuff takes away the oil from your hair and leaves it feeling like you just washed it. It can get powdery/white if you use too much but I usually can just rub it with my fingers and it comes right out. The tropical scent is my favorite (go figure) but they have tons of different scents.