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Travel Guide: Hilton Head Island

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at Palmetto Dunes Resort on the island. It is an absolutely MASSIVE resort. Like we literally drove a mile into it off the main road to get to our place. That being said, it was right on the beach and had its own pool that sort of overlooked the beach. This is literally a MUST, especially if you have a baby. 😂 It would almost be impossible to go to and from wherever you're staying multiple times a day when they can only stay out for about an hour or so.

Where We Ate:

For this trip, we did a lot of eating in and quick to-go meals, aka newborns are hard. Haha. Buttt we did get donuts one morning from this place called Duck Donuts. They are absolutely amazing and a must if you are visiting Hilton Head! They make them to order so they are always fresh and they are absolutely delicious!

We also ate dinner one night at Dockside! It was awesome!! We had an amazing server and the food was fantastic. The view off their back porch is absolutely to die for as well!

Things to Do: 

- The beach, obviously. If you stay inside a resort, you'll have access to a private beach. Even on the prettiest day, the beach was never so crowded we couldn't find a spot, which was so nice. (that's one of my pet peeves) 😂

-Pool! Especially if you have kids! We didn't really take  Liam out on the beach much- I was paranoid he would get too hot. At our pool, though, the trees hung out over it so it provided some shade where I could sit with him without the sun blazing down on us.

-Bike riding. Most places in the resort had bikes with their rental or you could rent your own! There was plenty of room to ride around in the resort and the views are amazing!

Other than that there really is that much to do in Hilton Head. I view it as more of a very relaxing/spend time with family type of vacation rather than a go out and do stuff kind, which is exactly what we did.