Friday, August 31, 2018

ILYMIX Review / Sunglasses


SUNNIES: Ilymix // NECKLACE: Target // TOP: Free People // JEANS: J Crew // BAG: Tory Burch // SHOES: Payless (designer dupe!!)

Hey guys! Happy Friday (& long weekend)! So I want to share some sunglasses with you guys that I got this week! They are super cute and affordable and they have tons of different styles. I think it is super important to be transparent with you guys- because that's what I would want someone to do for me! These glasses are about mid range quality wise. They're better than dollar store glasses but obviously not the quality of say Ray Bans. Of course they are also a lot more inexpensive. If you are like me, and lose/scratch/generally aren't very good with sunglasses they're perfect! I hate buying expensive sunglasses because I am SUPER bad with them and for me, it's pretty much always a waste of money. Therefore the cheaper route is best for me! I got three different pairs and they are all super cute!

Diffa Sunglasses - Six Colors  Double Crossbar Metal Pantos Aviator Sunglasses   Oslo Sunglasses - Blue
                           "Diffa"                         " Double Cross Bar "                    "Oslo"

Lucky for you all - they even gave me a discount code to share with you all if you want to get some! It's $15 off- and most (if not all) of the sunglasses are $39! I will say the shipping took about a week in a half- just so you know!

Click the link below to shop and get your discount!

Thank you all for reading!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pink Fuzzy Sweater


SWEATER: Forever 21 // TOP: Banana Republic (sold out) // JEANS: J Crew // WATCHBAND: Amazon // SHOES: Tory Burch

My Favorite Bloggers

A lot of people have asked me about some of my favorite blogs to follow! I've posted my favorites and their instagrams (linked through their names) and their blogs (linke through their blog names) ! Hope y'all enjoy! Comment some of your favorites for me to follow!!

Emily Ann Gemma- The Sweetest Thing
Emily is my all time favorite blogger! I've followed her for a couple years now and she always posts the best stuff! Not to mention her absolutely adorable son, Luke! I loved her blog even more after I found out her husband was in medical school! Caleb is applying to PA school and her blog had a lot of posts about what her and John went through with medical school, what to expect, etc. But she also posted the cutest outfits and traveled a lot- which appealed to me too!

Caitlin Covington- Southern Curls and Pearls

I'm pretty sure Caitlin was the first blogger I ever followed! I found her through a Starbucks picture on Pinterest! She is absolutely adorable and wears the cutest stuff. She will occasionally share recipes on her blog, too- & they never disappoint! She gives me major travel envy too! She goes all kinds of places but frequents Charleston alot- like me! We always seem to miss each other by like a day. 😂

Madi Nelson- Hey Madi Nelson

She is the cutest mama ever!! Her little boy is such a chunk and I love it. She seems so sweet and has the cutest style! Her home stuff if super cute too!

Dani Austin

Okay Dani is literally the funniest, real girl out there! She's absolutely hilarious and has the best style too. She's always keeping it real and is always laughing. She really loves God and it shows through her social media! No matter how many mean, ugly comments she gets, she still will say she wants to pray that they will have a better day & I just think that is amazing.

Kelsie Bynum- Sassy Southern Blonde

Kelsie has the most unique style! She's always finding good deals and the cutest pieces. She is super sweet and has the cutest hair!!

Alexis Buck - Alexis Paige Blog

I have searched for forever for another local gal!!! Finally found one! :)  I just recently found her but she's super cute! She has a career in dental hygiene along with blogging- if that's not boss babe I don't know what is! She shops at Target a lot and finds a ton of great deals!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Striped Dress and Army Jacket


DRESS: Target // NECKLACE: Target // JACKET: American Eagle (sold out) // SHOES: Tory Burch // BAG: Tory Burch //

Y'all!!! I am absolutely loving that it's starting to feel like fall outside- in the AM at least. I can't wait for the cooler weather to roll in and last all day. I hardly know what to do with myself these days! No school for me, so Liam and I usually get coffee and wander around Target. Feel free to comment any activity suggestions. 😂

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pink Peplum


TOP: Boutique // JEANS: Lucky Brand // SHOES: Chloe Dupes //

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Feels Like Fall


SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban // SWEATSHIRT: J Crew  (similiar) // SHORTS: Gap // WATCH BAND: Amazon // LIAM'S SHOES: New Balance

Today was such a nice day! It was so cool and breezy we got to have lunch outside! (Normally we don't because I'm afraid Liam will get to hot). It made me so excited for fall, football season, and PSLs!! (BTW only 5 more days for PSL's). What's your favorite thing about fall?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Target Rompers

Yay for Target!!! I mean who doesn’t like Target??? Anyways, I went in there yesterday for some hair stuff and you know, I just HAD to go look through the clothes, the dollar section, home, and baby stuff because I was already in there, ya know? Well that resulted in picking up a few things 😂😂. 

Okay I absolutely love this romper!! It’s knit and super light weight and soft for summer! It comes in this heathers gray, black, and red!

OKAY I ADORE THIS. It’s so perfect for that summer/fall transition. Perfect in the fall with a jean jacket or sweater. It ties around the neck and is super flowy and comfy! I believe in comes in two different colors!

This one is so fun! It’s silky and soft. Perfect for date night or just a night out with the girls! It runs a little big so I’d size down unless you like things super baggy! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Chambray Top




TOP// Crown and Ivy PANTS// Billabong 

Adidas Swift Run


Mine are the light pink and black but they are sold out! There are 10 colors and they’re mostly on sale. True to size!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Spray Tan Routine


TEE // Liv Luv Shop NECKLACES// Target SHORTS// Gap 

Spray Tans = Life. Ever since I started spraying, I've loved it. It was even better when I got to do it for free 😂. I have tried it a million ways and I've tried a million things! So I'm gonna share with y'all what has worked the best for me! Some of these products are from Sun Tan City and some of them aren't. I am just recommending what works. I'll also share more info about the colors and types of sprays!


1. Exfoliate

This is probably one of the most important things you can do before you spray. If you spray on top of dry, dead skin, it's not going to stick and your spray will be splotchy and uneven.  The CT Exfoliant you can buy at Sun Tan City does work really well but it is not necessarily my favorite. They used to (and still might) sell it in a kit with the primer so it is cheaper to buy both together than just buying one. ( You will need the primer, but we will get to that later!) I will link some other ones I like too below as well! I usually will use one with coffee or caffeine because of how good it is for your skin- plus I like the smell! They just make your skin feel more moisturized and refreshed! I usually always shower right before going- it sticks wayyyy better and lasts wayyy long on clean, fresh skin. 


2. Primer

Yes, I know, sometimes buying things from Sun Tan City is annoying because of how sales-y everything is- trust me, I worked there! But the primer really does make a huge difference. I have a ton of these from when I worked there so I am still using the old ones but it is the same as the new! There are two versions- a CT Max Spray and a gel. These are the ones in WHITE (I'll post a picture below). Both of these work really well. The new ones I believe are brown. There are also two kinds- an oil type one and a gel/lotion. I wouldn't recommend the oil spray one it DID NOT work well with the spray at all. There is also the Designer Skin primer and it works really well too- probably the best out of all of them! Especially if you have dry skin (it's lotion based instead of gel).

                       Image result for tanning ct max spray           Image result for california tan spray primer       Image result for designer skin primerImage result for california tan primer

CT Gel Primer (old) // CT Spray Primer (old) // DS lotion Primer (old) // CT Gel Primer (new)

***Wait why do I need a primer?***
The sprays at Sun Tan City are not airbrush (even the tinted solution). Think of them like a veil. They do not cover or coat your skin like paint. They are sheer- so they only enhance the color you already are. So each color (light, medium, dark, double dark) looks different on each person depending on your natural skin color. The primer activates the solution on your skin to change color hence why when you spray (clear or tinted) it takes some time to show up. With tinted you may see some color right away but it develops more in a few hours. 

  Skin Type                                                          Primer Type

           Oily                                                                CT Gel or Spray
           Dry                                                         Designer Skin Lotion

If you don't have either and you feel your skin is pretty normal I would just use the Designer Skin one, it's more expensive but it smells better and keep you moisturized. 

3. Leaving it on

The best way to make it last is to sleep on it. I usually go spray when I'm completely done with my day. That way I can shower right before and not have to worry about getting sweaty or it getting on my clothes. Thankfully though, if you do get it on your clothes, it washes right out! However if you are unable to do it at night or ever need to spray during the day, the recommended time is 6-8 hours before showering.

4. Making it Last

Using a tinted moisturizer from the salon is always a good way to go, however, it doesn't make a massive difference. The only reason why I'd say it works better is because it does have that small amount of tint to it, but not much. I just use coconut oil or a any moisturizer without lot (or any) alcohol in it. (The alcohol will strip your tan).


These may vary by salon but most of them should have similar options. There are two main types of solutions tinted and clear. The only real difference between the two is that the tinted shows up a little bit right away. However, both colors take time to develop fully. There are four shades of each type- light, medium, dark, double dark. These are all personal preferences as the color you turn out to be depends on your skin tone and how tan you already are! I have never sprayed light and I only reccomend spraying light if you are extremely pale, like paper pale. Otherwise it doesn't really show up so it's kind of a waste of money! 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Blue Floral Dress


DRESS// Shopbop WATCHBAND// Toms SHOES// Jack Rogers

Friday, August 17, 2018

Fitness Friday 8/17


TANK \\ TJ Maxx LEGGINGS \\  Beyond Yoga SHOES \\  Adidas WATCH BAND \\ Amazon

So I'll be honest, there wasn't much fitness going on this week! Caleb was working a lot this week so I didn't really get to go to the gym much. Thankfully, my watch keeps me accountable! I debated getting an Apple Watch for a long time. I thought I would never use it! Turns out I wear it everyday! It sends you these little reminders to stand if you've been sitting for a while and it always makes me life because it's like it's telling you, "Hey lazy, you might wanna stand up, you haven't moved in like an hour." 😂 But it really is a nice reminder to stay active! You can also set goals on it and it will show your progress throughout the day.

The workouts app on it allows you to select a different workout and it will tell you how many calories you're burning! Which I love because of the second app I use! My Fitness Pal is an app I use to track all my calories and how much water I drink for that day. Because I'm breastfeeding, I have to drink an insane amount of water and it helps me keep track of it all!

It has an amazing selection of most foods and will even breakdown your calories and tell you how many grams of carbs,  proteins and fats you're eating! I plug in my workout calories from my watch so I know how many calories I've burned vs how many I ate! 

I always try to remind myself that everyday is different. You may not have the time or motivation to eat healthy and/or workout and that's okay!! Thanks for reading!