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Fitness Friday 8/3

Friday, August 3, 2018

Yay! So thankfully, after six long weeks, I finally got cleared to be able to exercise again! I really didn't gain a ton of weight with Liam, so I lost most of it after I had him. After you have a baby, though, your skin is still all stretched out so you have a lot of extra. . .room. 😂 Anyways, even after you are cleared to workout again, you have to start slow. I have literally no abdominal muscles now what so ever so my doctor told me to start out doing exercises that don't really involve much of your abdominal or back muscles because they haven't been used in so long!

I like to run okay, but running doesn't really burn a ton of calories unless you do it for long periods of time! I really enjoyed taking spin classes when I was in college so I decided to start off doing that first. They gym I go to offers cycling classes so I went with one of my friends and burned A TON of calories in only an hour! So that's what I decided to start out with for my exercise! I either do an hour class or an hour on my own everyday! Depending on the teacher, the intensity and resistance varies, but when I do it on my own I do this:

Resistance: 4              Miles: 0.5               Total: 0.5
Resistance: 5              Miles: 0.25                Total: 0.75
Resistance: 4              Miles: 0.5                Total: 1.25
Resistance: 7-8              Miles: 0.5                Total: 1.75

I repeat this for an hour! Usually I end up going between 10-12 miles total and burning 600-750 calories! Getting an Apple Watch was honestly one of the best things for me! It helps keep me accountable and reminds me throughout the day to keep moving. I also use the app my fitness pal to keep track my calories throughout the day. It’s totally free and you can enter in weight loss goals! I absolutely love it and it’s super easy to use!