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ILYMIX Review / Sunglasses

Friday, August 31, 2018


SUNNIES: Ilymix // NECKLACE: Target // TOP: Free People // JEANS: J Crew // BAG: Tory Burch // SHOES: Payless (designer dupe!!)

Hey guys! Happy Friday (& long weekend)! So I want to share some sunglasses with you guys that I got this week! They are super cute and affordable and they have tons of different styles. I think it is super important to be transparent with you guys- because that's what I would want someone to do for me! These glasses are about mid range quality wise. They're better than dollar store glasses but obviously not the quality of say Ray Bans. Of course they are also a lot more inexpensive. If you are like me, and lose/scratch/generally aren't very good with sunglasses they're perfect! I hate buying expensive sunglasses because I am SUPER bad with them and for me, it's pretty much always a waste of money. Therefore the cheaper route is best for me! I got three different pairs and they are all super cute!

Diffa Sunglasses - Six Colors  Double Crossbar Metal Pantos Aviator Sunglasses   Oslo Sunglasses - Blue
                           "Diffa"                         " Double Cross Bar "                    "Oslo"

Lucky for you all - they even gave me a discount code to share with you all if you want to get some! It's $15 off- and most (if not all) of the sunglasses are $39! I will say the shipping took about a week in a half- just so you know!

Click the link below to shop and get your discount!

Thank you all for reading!!