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My Spray Tan Routine

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Dress : Shop Talulah- wearing a Medium // Sunnies : Ray Ban -  Black on Black oversized // Sandals : Steve Madden 8- they run small //

I love being tan! Even in the cooler months. I change up my routine a little bit every couple months or so just to improve things or add little tricks that make things easier or make my spray last longer.

Versa Spray Tans
I get VERSA PRO at Sun Tan City in the shade "Double Dark Tinted." I also do the double legs and hydration option. If you have a Sun Tan City near you, I highly recommend their sprays. Having worked there, I know how the salesy attitudes and pushy sales women get annoying- trust me. It's so annoying, but there sprays really are good. Just remember, the employees are just trying to do their job! 

The most important thing to remember when getting sprayed by a machine is to exfoliate and prime- I swear it really does make it last longer. Because of the way these sprays work, you want to make sure to get rid of as much excess spray tan on your body you can. When the spray goes over the darker spots leftover from previous sprays, it won't even it out, it just makes it darker. 

& you have to moisturize!! I use raw coconut oil a lot and it works better than any other lotion! It feels super greasy at first, but it will dry in about 30 minutes and will leave your skin super soft and moisturized!

At Home Tanning
At home, I use a couple of different things depending on how dark I need to be and where I am putting it on my body. For extra color on my legs OR if I am going out somewhere and I need to tan an area but I also don't want it to stink, I use the Loreal Coconut Water Self Tanner. I also use this one on my face a lot because its light and doesn't make me feel greasy.

The second one I use at home is the St Tropez in dark. It works really fast and gets SUPER dark- perfect for touching up your legs! I use this probably every couple days or so to keep up my leg color and I love it! If you use it though, you have to get the mitt- it keeps it from being streaky- I apply in circles!

If you can get your hands on it, I also love the Isle of Paradise tanning drops in dark but they are SO hard to find. You can get them in Sephora when they're in stock but its really hit or miss! They are amazing- and you can use them with any lotion and/or face lotion as well!