Spray Tan Routine


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Spray Tans = Life. Ever since I started spraying, I've loved it. It was even better when I got to do it for free 😂. I have tried it a million ways and I've tried a million things! So I'm gonna share with y'all what has worked the best for me! Some of these products are from Sun Tan City and some of them aren't. I am just recommending what works. I'll also share more info about the colors and types of sprays!


1. Exfoliate

This is probably one of the most important things you can do before you spray. If you spray on top of dry, dead skin, it's not going to stick and your spray will be splotchy and uneven.  The CT Exfoliant you can buy at Sun Tan City does work really well but it is not necessarily my favorite. They used to (and still might) sell it in a kit with the primer so it is cheaper to buy both together than just buying one. ( You will need the primer, but we will get to that later!) I will link some other ones I like too below as well! I usually will use one with coffee or caffeine because of how good it is for your skin- plus I like the smell! They just make your skin feel more moisturized and refreshed! I usually always shower right before going- it sticks wayyyy better and lasts wayyy long on clean, fresh skin. 


2. Primer

Yes, I know, sometimes buying things from Sun Tan City is annoying because of how sales-y everything is- trust me, I worked there! But the primer really does make a huge difference. I have a ton of these from when I worked there so I am still using the old ones but it is the same as the new! There are two versions- a CT Max Spray and a gel. These are the ones in WHITE (I'll post a picture below). Both of these work really well. The new ones I believe are brown. There are also two kinds- an oil type one and a gel/lotion. I wouldn't recommend the oil spray one it DID NOT work well with the spray at all. There is also the Designer Skin primer and it works really well too- probably the best out of all of them! Especially if you have dry skin (it's lotion based instead of gel).

                       Image result for tanning ct max spray           Image result for california tan spray primer       Image result for designer skin primerImage result for california tan primer

CT Gel Primer (old) // CT Spray Primer (old) // DS lotion Primer (old) // CT Gel Primer (new)

***Wait why do I need a primer?***
The sprays at Sun Tan City are not airbrush (even the tinted solution). Think of them like a veil. They do not cover or coat your skin like paint. They are sheer- so they only enhance the color you already are. So each color (light, medium, dark, double dark) looks different on each person depending on your natural skin color. The primer activates the solution on your skin to change color hence why when you spray (clear or tinted) it takes some time to show up. With tinted you may see some color right away but it develops more in a few hours. 

  Skin Type                                                          Primer Type

           Oily                                                                CT Gel or Spray
           Dry                                                         Designer Skin Lotion

If you don't have either and you feel your skin is pretty normal I would just use the Designer Skin one, it's more expensive but it smells better and keep you moisturized. 

3. Leaving it on

The best way to make it last is to sleep on it. I usually go spray when I'm completely done with my day. That way I can shower right before and not have to worry about getting sweaty or it getting on my clothes. Thankfully though, if you do get it on your clothes, it washes right out! However if you are unable to do it at night or ever need to spray during the day, the recommended time is 6-8 hours before showering.

4. Making it Last

Using a tinted moisturizer from the salon is always a good way to go, however, it doesn't make a massive difference. The only reason why I'd say it works better is because it does have that small amount of tint to it, but not much. I just use coconut oil or a any moisturizer without lot (or any) alcohol in it. (The alcohol will strip your tan).


These may vary by salon but most of them should have similar options. There are two main types of solutions tinted and clear. The only real difference between the two is that the tinted shows up a little bit right away. However, both colors take time to develop fully. There are four shades of each type- light, medium, dark, double dark. These are all personal preferences as the color you turn out to be depends on your skin tone and how tan you already are! I have never sprayed light and I only reccomend spraying light if you are extremely pale, like paper pale. Otherwise it doesn't really show up so it's kind of a waste of money!