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3 Ways to Wear a Flannel This Fall

Friday, September 7, 2018


FLANNEL: J Crew // TANK: Target // LEGGINGS: Target // VEST: Patagonia // SHORTS: Ae // SHOES: Tory Burch // SUNNIES: Ray Ban // NECKLACE: Southern Classy LA //

Flannels are absolutely one of my favorite pieces to wear in the fall! They are so comfy-but still cute! This one is one of my favorites! It's from J Crew- boyfriend fit, seriously the softest thing ever. It's a couple seasons old but I actually found it on Amazon for y'all!

The first option is perfect for those mornings when it's a little cooler, and then heats up in the afternoon! Tying the flannel around your waist is one of my favorite looks! Plus it spruces up the outfit and makes it look less plain! Perfect for running in and out so you can easily slip it on and off!

The next option is for those colder fall days! I love a good vest and pairing it with a flannel is so cute and cozy! This Patagonia vest has been my favorite for years! They really do last forever and you can literally wear them with anything! 

The last look is a quick easy throw on option! It looks put together but is made with pieces literally anyone has in their closet! Jean shorts, a tank, and a flannel- perfect fall/summer transition outfit! If the weather where you are is anywhere like it is in TN right now- still insanely hot- this outfit is a go to!

Honestly, the reason why I like this flannel so much is because of how lose it is! Sometimes I'll even buy mens ones because they just fit better. I'll link some other favorite flannels of mine so y'all can have other color options! Comment what piece you'd like to see styled different ways next!

flannel shirt : factorywomen button-upsslim mixed flannel shirt :Image for the product

J Crew: $42 + 30% off  //  J Crew :  $34 + 30% off  // American Eagle : $44  //

Amazon : $16 // Amazon: $19 // Amazon : $16 // 

Amazon : $14 //