What do you and Caleb do?

Right now Caleb works at the hospital in the ER. We are waiting for him to get into school- hopefully near the beach! I am technically still PRN at the hospital but I haven't worked there since before I had Liam! I'm just enjoying blogging and being a mom right now!

How did you pick out Liam's name?

Oh my gosh. . .it was awful once we found out he was a boy! Boy names are so hard I think. We had a girl name picked out pretty much since day one but it took us forever to figure out Liam's name. I just said it one day and we both agreed on it! Literally it was the only one we both liked! Read more about Liam/his birth story here.

When are you and Caleb getting married?

No tentative date yet! Both he and I want to be able to have our dream wedding and be able to go on our dream honeymoon, etc. It will most likely be after he finishes school but it just depends!

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