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Lash Extensions vs Falsies: Are they worth it?

Friday, September 14, 2018


FLANNEL: J Crew // TANK: Target // SHORTS: Ae // SHOES: Tory Burch // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban //

I've had a ton of people ask me about both my lash extension and the strip lashes I wear, which I like better and etc. I honestly love them both- I think your preference will depend on how much you spend to get ready and the ability to apply. Obviously one option is also a bit cheaper. 

Strip Lashes

So I'll link some of my favorites below, but I have always loved wearing strip lashes. They are kind of hard to apply first, but it definitely gets easier once you get the hang of it. 

Pros                                                              Cons

-Waaaay less expensive                          -Takes time/effort to
-Several different options, brands                  learn how to apply
                                                                    - Only lasts a few wears

Lash Extensions

 I absolutely love getting lash extensions! The best part is waking up and not  having to put on mascara- plus you look like you already have makeup on. They are super light weight and you really can't feel a thing. Your eyes may be a teeny bit sore after the first time you get them done, but it doesn't last more than a day! 

I'll link the girl that does mine too! She's located in Johnson City (if you're local).

Brielle - Instagram // https://www.brielleslashtique.com/

Pros                                                              Cons   

                    -never even having to wear mascara                                -pricey
                     -lasts up to about 5/6 weeks                   -not good for people who pick at their lashes***

*** I only say this because the first time I got them done I could not stop messing with them. 😂 I kept pulling them out, even in my sleep. But if you don't mess with them, they last a while!

Overall, I am team lash extensions. I can be so lazy when it comes to getting ready and having curly hair (which takes forever to fix) one less thing to do in the morning really helps!!