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Fall Break Necessities

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cover ups are must! I ALWAYS bring one with me on a trip! They're just so easy to slide on for the pool or the beach (because I'm lazy like that) & they're super cute! I never go on a trip without a couple!

Swimmies! Duh! All these are sooo adorable and they're on sale! I got a few from J Crew for my trip and I love them! Target is also having a bunch of theirs clearanced out because it's the end of season! Which they have pretty much been my go to since Victoria's Secret stopped making swimsuits! Plus I felt like Aerie's this year were just really plain! :/ Anyone else?!?

Sun dresses are another one of my faves for vacation! They're effortless and make for an easy, cute outfit! Plus I enjoy them in the heat- keeps you cool!

Honestly, going to the beach when it's finally fall/winter is the best because you can get all the best deals on all the summer clothes! Most of these tops can be transitioned into fall with with a cute cardigan too!

I've listed some of my favorite pairs of shorts here! Most of them are on sale and they'll be great for next summer too, or if you're planning another trip later in the year!

Here I've put a bunch of my favorite accessories that are must-haves for any vacation! If y'all have never used towel clips on your beach chair or by the pool, they are AMAZING. Who knew such a little knick knack could be so life changing 😂. Seriously the best invention ever!

I hope you guys have a fun and safe fall break!! Comment and let me know where you're headed!