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Life Update + Casual Black on Black OOTD

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


CARDIGAN: Target // TANK: Old Navy // PANTS: Old Navy // BELT: Gucci, dupe // SHOES: Steve Madden //


Soooo as most of you know, we have gone back and forth between Medical School and PA School for Caleb, mainly just because we were in a rush to get settled in somewhere and start life! Caleb had applied to PA Schools all over but was still contemplating whether or not he really wanted to run with that or if he wanted to pursue more. The opportunity arose for him to become a part of a Master's of Biomedical Science program at LMU and everything just kind of fell into place! He will start in January and apply for Medical School next spring & he is super excited. Caleb has always been driven and gone after what he wanted and I am so glad he is getting this opportunity! That being said, we will be moving to Knoxville halfway through December. It's funny, because I have always wanted to get out of Johnson City and go somewhere else, but it is actually kind of scary! I've never actually lived away from my family! I rely on them often for breaks with Liam and just to help me out with him so it will be different to be on our own! Anyways, we are super excited and can't wait to see where this takes us. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words as we take this on! Knox friends: any recommendations on anything at all to do, eat, etc. in the Knoxville area are appreciated!