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Liam - 4 Months

Monday, October 8, 2018

1. His smile. He is literally the happiest baby ever and I love it!! Sometimes he’ll be crying and he’ll just stop and crack a smile and it just melts your heart. He uses his smile at the exact right moment when I’ve lost my patience or I’m having a bad day. He makes it all so much better! 

2. His personality. Although it’s really only beginning to show, I love how active he is! He’ll keep me on my toes as a toddler for sure. 😂. He loves to play and move and look all around! So many people say he’s way more alert than most babies! I believe it! He has to look at absolutely everything!

3. His timing. (God’s timing) I swear he couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive- I was so ready! Haha. But children were something that I have always wanted and dreamed about and I am so blessed to be able to have my own. I feel like this is taken for granted a lot- not on purpose but just because daily I think we forget how lucky we are. 

4. His love. He is always so exited to see Caleb or I whenever one of us has been away! Even his Mia (my mom) he’ll get excited when he sees her. It’s literally the sweetest thing ever!

We love you Liam!