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Gift Guide: Mama's & Mama's to Be

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hey y'all! This gift guide is for all the moms and moms to be! I had a couple people ask me what a mom or mom to be may want for Christmas, so I figured I'd make a whole gift guide out of it. After all, mommas are probably the most important 😏 Just click on the picture to shop! 

 1. Cookbook 

 I LOVE this cookbook! Lots of easy, yummy recipes! Very kid friendly too!

 2. Pregnancy Pillow 

 One of the best, comfiest pillows ever! A must if you have a little one on the way! 

 3. PJ Shirt 

 So soft and comfy! Would really be a good gift for anyone. Right after I had Liam, and still now, I get so hot off and on (guess it's the hormones) so a long shirt or dress if super comfy at night! 

 4. Pullover 

 The best pullover ever! Comes in a ton of colors and she's sure to love it!

 5. Skin Care

 Love this starter skin care set! Clinique has the best products! 

 6. Mom Tumbler

 Love this tumbler! Super cute and simple for mom! 

 7. Fuzzy Socks 

 My feet always cold and I love fun socks! 

 8. Frame

 Love this sweet frame. Perfect for mom! We love to give out pictures for holiday's and my fam loves it! 

 9. Tray 

 This monogram tray is so adorable! My mom and I both love kitchen decor and this is super adorable. 

 10. Mama Tunic

 I am obsessed with this. I am actually asking for this for Christmas- it is maternity, but it super cute and you would never know!

 11. Monogram Jug 

 So cute! Love this for hosting parties or serving your favorite drinks!

 12. Fuzzy Blanket 

I mean because who would turn down a blanket? Am I right? haha

 13. PJ Dress

 Love this dress for cold nights! or nursing mamas! 

 14. Belly Butter 

 I swear by this stuff if you are pregnant or postpartum! It doesn't have a smell which I loved when I was pregnant ( I was super nauseous all the time). 

 15. Coffee Cup 

 Customizable Starbucks cup! I love these. They're the cutest for the Starbucks lover haha. 

 16. Gift Certificate 

 Massages are always a great gift- if your local, the Carnegie does a great maternity (or regular) massage that your mama is sure to love! Nail spa certificates are always a good idea too!