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Holiday Gift Guide: Guys

Monday, November 12, 2018

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 Hey guys! This gift guide is to help you find a special present for the man in your life, brother, dad, best friend, etc. Caleb helped me out with a couple of these in order to get more of a males perspective on maybe what some of them may want! If you're like me, I like to try my best to pick out something completely on my own without them knowing ( I like giving surprises) haha! So I hope this helps you all! Leave a comment and let me know what gift guide you'd like to see next! :) 

 1. Bluetooth Speaker
 Everyone loves a good speaker. Caleb likes to listen to music in the shower, at the beach, by the pool, etc. They are always super handy to have! This one is tiny- but still loud!

 2. Moccasins
 Cozy footwear for the win! Super easy to throw on when you run to start the car or your fiance asks you to take out the trash in the cold ;)

 3. Flannel
 Can't go wrong with a good flannel! I love buying Caleb clothes- now that we have his sizes down in pretty much every brand. I got him one from J Crew last year- similar to this one ^ & he loves it!

 4. Patagonia
 Basic I know, everyone pretty much has one at this point but in case your man doesn't.... he needs one!

 5. Air pods
 Popular item all around this year I think. Walmart has them on sale every other week or so- plus they price match! 

 6. Watch 
 This is Caleb's favorite watch! I got him one last year and so did his mom and he loves them! Nixon is a good brand- not too expensive but they still look super nice! This one comes in tonsssss of colors/band types! 

 7. Sweatshirt
 I always love a good sweatshirt for Christmas! Boys wear them ALL. THE. TIME. So they probably need a new one to freshen up their closet! 

 8 & 9 Red Dead Redemption 2
 Caleb maybe me put this on here because he says every guy wants/needs it and you will score major points if you buy this for your significant other/son/etc. Hahahaha. 

 10. Peacoat 
 I put this on here because it is good to have to wear with nicer outfits. Plus they are so warm in the winter! This one is looking like it's gonna be a cold one too! Also- it's on SALE! 

 11. Adidas Joggers 
 Fleece joggers!! Super warm and cozy for the winter to lounge in or wear out! 

 12. Card Case Wallet
 Comes in two different prints! Most guys like small compact wallets so they fit in their pockets without being super clunky! Herschel is a great brand and they make super stylish prints! 

 13. Organizer Tray 
 I got Caleb one of these this year (shhhh don't tell him!). He keeps a tiny cardboard box of all his daily things- wallet, keys, pens, watch, badge, etc. And it's just super ugly sitting out 😂 Idk if it's more of gift for me or him honestly! 

 14. Multi-tool 
 So good to have on hand! This is one of the less expensive ones, but it still has 14 tools on it. Leatherman makes super quality products that last forever! 

 15. Nike Band (dupe) 
 These are super nice and good quality and they look exactly like the nike ones! Comes in a ton of colors so you can buy a couple for him!

 16. Toiletry Bag
 Love these for travel, college students, etc. So nice and makes it easy for them to pack up their stuff and stay organized!

 17. Pomade
 Caleb's favorite. We both like it because it doesn't smell super strong like cologne but it works really well in his hair! 

 18. Watch Stand 
 GAME-CHANGER for charging your apple watch! I love mine. 

 19. Patagonia Hat
 Super cute hat! Comes in two different colors!