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Monday, December 30, 2019

Top 10 Items of 2019


SWEATER : Forever 21- size Medium, TTS // JEANS: Free People - 28 // BOOTIES : Forever 21 // BAG : Speedy Dupe //

Wow! So many great items/trends from 2019! I went through and found the most loved items from this passed year- some were very close ties- but I tried to do ones that were still in stock so that y'all could find them if you had missed out!

1. Tory Burch Millers

Such a timeless sandal! I have several pairs and they are my go to's in the Spring & Summer. They come in so many different colors (one for each outfits- am I right ladies!?). Seriously the best sandals ever- I have worn my Vachetta ones (pictured) almost out completely! Lol

2. Amazon Speedy LV Dupe


Everyone went crazy over this dupe bag! It's currently out of stock- but does come back periodically so be sure to check back! It's held up SO SO WELL and seriously is almost exactly like the real thing!

3. Leopard Pullover

This cozy sweatshirt is still in stock and I wear it all the time! It's super soft inside and it's pink and leopard so you know- duh I had to have it! Under $20!

4. White Lace Amazon Dress

I wore this cute lace dress for my birthday bring last year and it was such a hit! A lot of people got it and wore it for Easter! It's such a cute, fun Spring dress. It does run really small though so be sure to size up!

5. Target Boots

Can't even say enough good things about these boots! They are BOMB- I have them in all 3 colors and I have worn them nonstop this Fall and Winter! Such a good dupe for the Goodnight Macaroon boots and for 1/4 of the price!

6. Gucci Earrings

These cute pearl earrings are great designer dupes for the Gucci ones- so so adorable! I wear mine all the time!

The BEST amazon suit from this summer! I lived in this one and I will probably end up getting more colors for a trip coming up- its super comfy and so stinkin' cute!

8. Spanx & Spanx Dupes

Very little difference between the Spanx and Aerie dupes- I will say that the Aerie ones are as tight and as form fitting as the Spanx!

9. Busted Knee Jeans

The jeans of the year! I own these in 3 colors and wear them year round- there are so many
 ways to style them and I just love the busted knee details!

10. Chips and Salsa Sweatshirt 

Anytime I wear this Wildfox Sweatshirt I always get asked wear it's from! It's been sold out for years but I have linked the exact Etsy dupe that everyone goes crazy over- looks almost exactly the same for like 1/8 of the price lol!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Reflection, Goals for 2020


COAT: J Crew - size 4, TTS // DRESS : Chicwish - size S/M // BOOTS : Target // 

Can you believe that 2019 is coming to an end?! I seriously feel like it just started yesterday. Although I feel like when you have kids time just flies even faster- I seriously feel like I just had Liam and now he is almost 2!!! What?!?!!

We had so many exciting things happen to us this year: we moved to a new city, celebrated Liam's first birthday, Caleb got accepted into medical school, and I had SO many amazing blogging opportunities. I did A TON of things that were wayyyy outside of my comfort zone and I am SO happy that I did. It allowed me to make some amazing connections, meet even more amazing people, and reach goals I thought were years and years away. 

Last year, I set a few goals for myself- just to kinda give me something to look forward to and push myself. I didn't necessarily meet each goal- but I grew and grew and put as much effort in as I could and I am so happy I did! 

2019 goals reviewed 

1. Hit 10k- I did this!! And originally I had wanted to hit it by my one year blogging anniversary- which didn't happen but I hit it very soon after!

2. Get back in shape - this one is sort of relative, of course I was only 6 months postpartum in January and it was just one of my goals to get back down to my pre baby weight- when I actually did and was still not happy in my body I had to sit and reflect and accept how my body had changed- in a good way, I mean I did just have a baby! By no means was I back in shape but I made changes and got back to my pre baby weight!

3. Save more- this was mainly just to practice - ya girl sometimes has a spending problem lol- but really there were a few big items I really wanted to save for and buy so I was trying to save up some money and just get into that habit- it kind of happened and kind of didn't lol.

4. Stay more organized- I'm still REALLY bad at this. Didn't even come close to reaching this one. I really wanted to be able to keep our important things all together and make them easy to find but we are just quickly running out of room in our current place- so maybe next year! lol

5. Quality over quantity- I could apply this to so many things in my life but originally I set this goal focusing on my content- I felt like I was always in a rush/hurry to just post SOMETHING- even if it was a bad quality photo- bad outfit, etc. I want my blog to reflect the real me, and everyday life, but still in a neat and professional way! I feel like I really put in the work over the past year and learned so many new things to help me achieve this goal!

So now that I have recapped on some of my goals from last year, let's talk about  2 0 2 0.

2020 Goals

1. 1,000 subscribers - if you want to help me out with this, subscribe to my blog here! From the beginning, I wanted my blog to be the initial thing to refer back to- not Instagram. While Instagram is a great tool, it's been so much back and forth this year and honestly is just an ever-changing game you have to keep playing! So even if Instagram is no more, I'll still be here!

2. Fitness goals - for the past year, it has been SO hard to put time aside for my own fitness. Caleb works A TON and does school a ton so it's super hard to find time for me to go to a class or the gym. Notice I said super hard- not there isn't the time! I just need to focus on being healthy and being more active. 

3. READ MORE BOOKS - this may seem so silly, lol but I used to love to read! I haven't read a book since I was pregnant with Liam and it was still probably pregnancy related and not for enjoyment! I love a good book - romance, adventure, whatever! Send me your recommendations!

That's about all I have for 2020, I'm sure I'll think of something else later- so I may come back to add more!  What are your goals for 2020? 

Monday, December 23, 2019

3 Holiday Outfits


SWEATER : Aerie - old similar here & here // JEANS : Old Navy - size 8 // BOOTS : Target // BAG : Amazon dupe // BELT: Amazon dupe // 


SWEATER : Nordstrom- old, similar here // SKIRT : Pink Lily - L // BOOTS : Target //


SWEATER : H&M - Medium // SCARF : Old Navy // JEANS : Paige // BOOTS : Marc Fisher // 

Friday, December 20, 2019

5 New Year's Eve Outfits Under $75


TOP : H&M - wearing a M, true to size // JEANS : Paige -wearing a 6 // HEELS : Steve Madden // Hairpin : Chanel dupe // 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Get Ready With Me - How I Curl My Hair & Everyday Makeup


SWEATER : H&M - wearing a M // JEANS: Free People - size 28 // BOOTS : Marc Fisher // 

Watch my IGTV video here! 


Curling Iron : I have used Hot Tools for such a long time. I've had so many different sizes and kinds and I love this 1" barrel the most! Especially for my length hair- it keeps my curls tight and makes them lasts for days with very little touch ups!

Ouai Leave In Conditioner : I actually heard about this first from Kim Kardashian - lol but then I received it in one of my Fab Fit Fun boxes and I loved it! The smell is amazing and it makes your hair silky soft. I put this on my hair when its wet before brushing it out.

Kristen Ess Blow Dry Spray : Smells super good too- leaves your hair shiny without being super oily or greasy. I spray this on before blow drying as well!

Wet Brush : I didn't talk much about this in the video but I love my Wet brush- you can get them anywhere and they're so gentle on your hair!

IGK Good Behavior : Hana, the girl who does my hair, introduced me to this and I love it! It's amazing if your styling your hair or have curly or frizzy hair! I spray this on right before I curl my hair. 


(in order)

Moisturizer : Perfect for oily or dry skin- super hyrdatin

Dr. Brandt's Eye Cream : AMAZING for bags - couldn't live without this stuff. 

Primer : The best primer- not oily or greasy- feels super smooth.

Foundation :  My favorite foundation ever- I've been using it for 2+ years

Beauty Blender : This one is the ulta brand with a cute little stand!

Eye Pencil : Colourpop- perfect color for blondes

Concealer : Best dupe for shapetape 

Setting Powder : Cheap and does the trick- I always over bake lol!

Morphe Palette : My favorite neutral palette 


Highlighter : In the color "DEW ME"

Setting Spray : THE BEST SETTING SPRAY EVER- comes out misty!

Mascara : Best mascara- dupe for better than sex

Lashes : Ardell Wispies 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pink Lily Try On

TOP -Medium //

TOP - Medium // BEANIE

TOP - Medium 

TOP - Medium // BEANIE 


DRESS : Pink Lily Boutique // BOOTS : Nordstrom last year (similar options here & here) // SUNNIES : Ray Ban Gradient // BAG : Chanel Vintage Caviar Maxi // 

I AM IN LOVE with this dress! Came in today from the Pink Lily Boutique! I love the tiered bottom- so cute for Fall! I am wearing a medium- size up for length. It's lined so you don't have to worry about it being see through either.

My boots are from Nordstrom last year (got them on sale) but I linked 2 similar options. GUYS- if you don't have a pair of boots like this you N E E D them- they are a must have for Fall! You can wear them so many different ways and they are super comfy!

If you haven't seen my latest Pink Lily try on head to my Instagram stories to see- everything is linked below!


  1. Brown Striped Sweater - M, TTS it is a boxy fit and a little bit cropped so I would size up if you want it to be longer!
  2. Pink Turtle Neck - Small, I sized down in this because of the baggy style of it- I didnt want it to be too slouchy but I think it would be cute either way!
  3. Striped Pink Chenille Sweater - M, so soft and cozy this one fits true to size!
  4. Fall Words tee M
  5. Pink Sherpa Hoodie - M size up, runs small! 
  6. Tan sherpa - TTS M
  7. Thankful tee M
  8. Leopard Pumpkin tee M
  9. Tiered Dress - M size up for length
  10. TN Sweatshirt - TTS M

Monday, December 16, 2019

Holiday Pjs

Holiday pjs are the best pjs! Am I right?! Most of these can be worn all Winter too. I am such a sucker for the plaids this time of year- they're my favorite. Most of these are SUPER affordable- and some even have family matches!! I always make Caleb and Liam match me- I love it. Haha. Makes for the cutest Christmas morning pic!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Picking Out Our Christmas Cards

We used our Thanksgiving Family picture to try and pick out our Christmas cards today! Thankfully we were able to make samples (since we STILL have not snapped our Christmas pic!).

The Holly leaf I think turned out to be my favorite! Basic Invite had SO many cute holiday cards on their site- it was so hard to pic and choose. They also make them all super customizable- which I loved because if you need to change the color a little, you can! Plus I love that you can do the picture Christmas cards,  I think they're so much more personable, especially if you have kids- everyone always wants to see the babies lol! Which one is your favorite!?

They also have a ton of holiday cards business, invitations, and more- so whatever your holiday needs are, they can be fulfilled with Basic Invite!

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 !

Check out Basic Invite on social media!

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring todays post!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Walmart Fashion Haul

Sweatshirt // Wearing a L, runs small, size up!

Sweater // Wearing a M-TTS, a bit oversized 

Sweater // Wearing a M- TTS legging length

Pullover // Medium- kinda cropped

Jacket // Medium TTS- tons of colors

Sweater // Large- cropped fit

Cardigan // L here- could def do a small! Henley // Large- size up, they shrink!

Cardigan // M, TTS Henley // Large- size up, they shrink!

SOOO Many cute gloves, hats, scarves, etc! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Shop Hope's

My try on from Shop Hope's!

Wearing a Medium, TTS.

Wearing a Medium, sold out, similar styles below!

Wearing a Large in this set!

Wearing a Medium, sold out, similar styles below!