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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Spring Fitness

Spring Fitness Goals

Hey guys! So tonight I’m just doing a quick little update on my fitness goals for spring (starting now). Think if it as a New Years resolution- just late. 🤣 So I had planned on using the Sweat App after having Liam to get back into shape and I just kind of forgot about it! Luckily, I received an email a about a week and a half ago, reminding me hey- you should check this out! So I did and I signed up and downloaded it. By the way this is not sponsored or anything I am just really amazed with this app!

Y’all. It had changed my life. I always struggled with working out because I would get to the gym and just not know what to do- besides cardio 🤣 Which is good and all- but I wanted to tone! I love how customizable it is! You can select home or gym workout, what level you are- beginner, intermediate, etc. It also provides you with a calendar that tells you what to do on what day, meal ideas, and physically their is a video of a person showing you how to do the move! It's an easy way to get in a fast, HARD workout. I can do it in the 30-45 min that Liam naps and yall, it wears. me. out!

Image result for sweat app

The moves are easy, but a good workout on your body. Of course you can always change the level of difficulty. I have only been doing it about a week and I totally notice a difference!

I am gonna try and do a weekly update on here- to hold me accountable, but to also help you all out if you have questions, etc!

Here's the link to the website:

Comment if you want to see a weekly update or have any questions! 

Friday, January 25, 2019

What to Wear On Valentine's Day Whether You're Going Out Or Staying In!

Hey guys! Tonight I am sharing allllll the Valentine's Day outfit inspiration. Whether you are staying in with some girlfriends, going out on the town, or on a date with your man, there are options for you! I have always loved Valentine's Day- mainly for the candy and classroom parties. 😂 Whatever your plans are- celebrate the ones you love!

To shop- just click on an image! 💗

Monday, January 21, 2019

What To Do on GALENTINE'S Day & Still Have Fun!

Hey y’all- so I know a lot of people always get bummed around Valentine’s Day if you’re single, or if your SO is out of town, whatever your reason may be! I’m writing this post to hopefully help you still have a fun Valentine’s! No one wants to be alone or sad on that day!

Image result for papa john's heart shaped pizza

1. Heart Shaped Pizza and Wine
Grab some heart shaped pizza (Papa John's I know does this every year) and your favorite wine and invite over your favorite girls. Eat lots of pizza, drink lots of wine. . . You CANNOT go wrong with pizza and wine!

2. Karaoke 
Singing Karaoke with a bunch of girls who CAN'T sing? Priceless. Bonus points if alcohol is in involved. EXTRA EXTRA points if you play songs about exes or some Taylor Swift (she writes the best revenge songs).

3. Get Dressed Up and Go Out
Gather all the girls, pick out your outfits- do each other's hair and makeup and look your best! Then set out for night on the town or your favorite local restaurant for some drinks and show all those couples on their romantic (gag haha) that you can have fun AND be single on Valentine's Day!

Image result for john tucker must die4. Movie Night
Put on your favorite sweats and binge watch movies all night long! Some good ones for Valentine's :

Mean Girls
John Tucker Must Die
50 First Dates
The Last Song
The Breakup
The Notebook
10 Things I Hate About You
Magic Mike

5. Road Trip
Pack your girls up and take a day trip somewhere fun! 

6. Bachelor Marathon
Image result for the bachelorRe-watch your favorite season or seasons of the Bachelor! I've actually done this and it's super fun😂 Laughing at the desperate girls or guys will make you feel so much better about being single- trust me

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Valentine's Gifts for Him

Hey y’all! Tonight’s post is alllll about Vday gifts for your man! I always think Valentine’s Day is super special- and the perfect time to celebrate someone important to you and show your appreciation for all they do for you. 

I think guys are the hardest to get gifts for 🤣 I mean just think of all the little gizmos and little Knick knacks you have compared to your man- I know I have wayyyyy more random little things than Caleb does! Of course you want to get them something because they likely got you something too, so I have linked some ideas below! Just click to shop! 

I linked two options that are little cards that you can write notes for him on! They both have prompts inside (makes it A LOT easier). I try to leave Caleb little notes all the time- because I like to get them so I know he does too. I always think writing your feelings down is always a good way to go. 

So I know for me personally, I cook a lot for Caleb so we usually opt to go out for special occasions 🤣 but I think cooking a meal for your man is a great options. Meat. Potatoes. Bread. Done. He’ll be sold. Trust me. Hahahaha 

Other options:

Coupon for a back/foot rub

Lots of his favorite candy

Breakfast in bed

Monday, January 14, 2019

Gift Guide : Valentines for Your Girl

Hey guys! Today's post is *hopefully* going to give you some ideas on what you should get the woman in your life for Valentine's Day! I have asked a couple of my friends and some others what they would want- including things that I would want to get for Valentine's. Click on any image to shop! I am also including other ideas that she will love. I hope you all find something she'll like!

Other Ideas:

1. Flowers- I mean duh. It's Valentine's! I LOVE GETTING FLOWERS! *hint hint* 😂

2. A Massage - No one is going to turn that down, trust me. Even if it's only 30 minutes, it is worth it! 30 minutes feels like a lifetime when you're getting a massage.

3. A constellation (Thanks SC :))- So apparently you can go online and buy a star or constellation on the night you all met or some other special date. I mean, swoon. <3 https://thenightsky.com/

4. Handwritten Note - You can't beat a handwritten note with all your gushy feelings and favorite memories. It is sure to make her smile!

5. Mix CD - Okay this may sound cheesy, but it would be so cute to get a CD with all your all's favorite songs that you sing together in the car, or danced to at that party, or that makes you think of her. Seriously. SO. CUTE.

6. COOK HER DINNER (instead of going out)- A man that can cook? Count me in. Even if it's the simplest of meals, it will be the effort that counts!



Sunday, January 6, 2019

Top 5 : December

This month's top 5 items! The Gucci inspired belt was the most popular (no surprise there!), and I love both of mine- I have both colors. The quality is awesome! Just click on an image to shop! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Top 5 Winter Necessities


I like winter, but I HATE being cold. That being said, I always bundle up! Today I am sharing with you guys some of my favorite things to help stay warm. Right after Christmas is also the best time of the year to stock up on stuff for the remainder of the season and next year!

1. A Good {cute} Coat

You really can't go wrong with a good coat! I used to never wear a jacket ( ask my mom). It was always a fight getting me to wear one- so I always try to find the coziest ones now! These are some super cute ones- that will also keep you warm ( and your mama happy 😂)

2. Warm Accessories

I LOOOOOVE wearing hats in the winter- why? Because then I don't have to do my hair! No, seriously. I'm just not a fan of being cold! Plus these hats are super cute.

3. Stylish, but Comfy Boots

If I could wear my Ugg's everyday, I would. Sometimes I do! But they just don't go with every outfit-sadly. I am allll about comfort. These sherpa lined sneaker boots are AMAZING and they're adorable. I really a fan of any boot!

4. Good, Thick Leggings

LEGGINGS = LIFE. So in the winter, naturally, you need a pair of thicker ones to keep you warm! SPANX are an all time favorite- just ask anyone who has a pair. These fleece lined ones are super nice too! If you've never worn anything from 90 degree flex, you need too cause it is amazing! I find it at my local TJ Maxx all the time- if you're not that lucky, there's always Amazon Prime 😂

5. A Cozy Sherpa

Sherpas are the best! So easy to throw on and still look cute and they're super soft!