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Gift Guide : Valentines for Your Girl

Monday, January 14, 2019

Hey guys! Today's post is *hopefully* going to give you some ideas on what you should get the woman in your life for Valentine's Day! I have asked a couple of my friends and some others what they would want- including things that I would want to get for Valentine's. Click on any image to shop! I am also including other ideas that she will love. I hope you all find something she'll like!

Other Ideas:

1. Flowers- I mean duh. It's Valentine's! I LOVE GETTING FLOWERS! *hint hint* 😂

2. A Massage - No one is going to turn that down, trust me. Even if it's only 30 minutes, it is worth it! 30 minutes feels like a lifetime when you're getting a massage.

3. A constellation (Thanks SC :))- So apparently you can go online and buy a star or constellation on the night you all met or some other special date. I mean, swoon. <3 https://thenightsky.com/

4. Handwritten Note - You can't beat a handwritten note with all your gushy feelings and favorite memories. It is sure to make her smile!

5. Mix CD - Okay this may sound cheesy, but it would be so cute to get a CD with all your all's favorite songs that you sing together in the car, or danced to at that party, or that makes you think of her. Seriously. SO. CUTE.

6. COOK HER DINNER (instead of going out)- A man that can cook? Count me in. Even if it's the simplest of meals, it will be the effort that counts!