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Spring Fitness

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Spring Fitness Goals

Hey guys! So tonight I’m just doing a quick little update on my fitness goals for spring (starting now). Think if it as a New Years resolution- just late. 🤣 So I had planned on using the Sweat App after having Liam to get back into shape and I just kind of forgot about it! Luckily, I received an email a about a week and a half ago, reminding me hey- you should check this out! So I did and I signed up and downloaded it. By the way this is not sponsored or anything I am just really amazed with this app!

Y’all. It had changed my life. I always struggled with working out because I would get to the gym and just not know what to do- besides cardio 🤣 Which is good and all- but I wanted to tone! I love how customizable it is! You can select home or gym workout, what level you are- beginner, intermediate, etc. It also provides you with a calendar that tells you what to do on what day, meal ideas, and physically their is a video of a person showing you how to do the move! It's an easy way to get in a fast, HARD workout. I can do it in the 30-45 min that Liam naps and yall, it wears. me. out!

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The moves are easy, but a good workout on your body. Of course you can always change the level of difficulty. I have only been doing it about a week and I totally notice a difference!

I am gonna try and do a weekly update on here- to hold me accountable, but to also help you all out if you have questions, etc!

Here's the link to the website:

Comment if you want to see a weekly update or have any questions!