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Top 5 Winter Necessities

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


I like winter, but I HATE being cold. That being said, I always bundle up! Today I am sharing with you guys some of my favorite things to help stay warm. Right after Christmas is also the best time of the year to stock up on stuff for the remainder of the season and next year!

1. A Good {cute} Coat

You really can't go wrong with a good coat! I used to never wear a jacket ( ask my mom). It was always a fight getting me to wear one- so I always try to find the coziest ones now! These are some super cute ones- that will also keep you warm ( and your mama happy 😂)

2. Warm Accessories

I LOOOOOVE wearing hats in the winter- why? Because then I don't have to do my hair! No, seriously. I'm just not a fan of being cold! Plus these hats are super cute.

3. Stylish, but Comfy Boots

If I could wear my Ugg's everyday, I would. Sometimes I do! But they just don't go with every outfit-sadly. I am allll about comfort. These sherpa lined sneaker boots are AMAZING and they're adorable. I really a fan of any boot!

4. Good, Thick Leggings

LEGGINGS = LIFE. So in the winter, naturally, you need a pair of thicker ones to keep you warm! SPANX are an all time favorite- just ask anyone who has a pair. These fleece lined ones are super nice too! If you've never worn anything from 90 degree flex, you need too cause it is amazing! I find it at my local TJ Maxx all the time- if you're not that lucky, there's always Amazon Prime 😂

5. A Cozy Sherpa

Sherpas are the best! So easy to throw on and still look cute and they're super soft!