Valentine's Gifts for Him

Hey y’all! Tonight’s post is alllll about Vday gifts for your man! I always think Valentine’s Day is super special- and the perfect time to celebrate someone important to you and show your appreciation for all they do for you. 

I think guys are the hardest to get gifts for 🤣 I mean just think of all the little gizmos and little Knick knacks you have compared to your man- I know I have wayyyyy more random little things than Caleb does! Of course you want to get them something because they likely got you something too, so I have linked some ideas below! Just click to shop! 

I linked two options that are little cards that you can write notes for him on! They both have prompts inside (makes it A LOT easier). I try to leave Caleb little notes all the time- because I like to get them so I know he does too. I always think writing your feelings down is always a good way to go. 

So I know for me personally, I cook a lot for Caleb so we usually opt to go out for special occasions 🤣 but I think cooking a meal for your man is a great options. Meat. Potatoes. Bread. Done. He’ll be sold. Trust me. Hahahaha 

Other options:

Coupon for a back/foot rub

Lots of his favorite candy

Breakfast in bed

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