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What To Do on GALENTINE'S Day & Still Have Fun!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hey y’all- so I know a lot of people always get bummed around Valentine’s Day if you’re single, or if your SO is out of town, whatever your reason may be! I’m writing this post to hopefully help you still have a fun Valentine’s! No one wants to be alone or sad on that day!

Image result for papa john's heart shaped pizza

1. Heart Shaped Pizza and Wine
Grab some heart shaped pizza (Papa John's I know does this every year) and your favorite wine and invite over your favorite girls. Eat lots of pizza, drink lots of wine. . . You CANNOT go wrong with pizza and wine!

2. Karaoke 
Singing Karaoke with a bunch of girls who CAN'T sing? Priceless. Bonus points if alcohol is in involved. EXTRA EXTRA points if you play songs about exes or some Taylor Swift (she writes the best revenge songs).

3. Get Dressed Up and Go Out
Gather all the girls, pick out your outfits- do each other's hair and makeup and look your best! Then set out for night on the town or your favorite local restaurant for some drinks and show all those couples on their romantic (gag haha) that you can have fun AND be single on Valentine's Day!

Image result for john tucker must die4. Movie Night
Put on your favorite sweats and binge watch movies all night long! Some good ones for Valentine's :

Mean Girls
John Tucker Must Die
50 First Dates
The Last Song
The Breakup
The Notebook
10 Things I Hate About You
Magic Mike

5. Road Trip
Pack your girls up and take a day trip somewhere fun! 

6. Bachelor Marathon
Image result for the bachelorRe-watch your favorite season or seasons of the Bachelor! I've actually done this and it's super fun😂 Laughing at the desperate girls or guys will make you feel so much better about being single- trust me