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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How to Train Your Hair- For Healthier, Longer Locks

Hey guys! So I had a ton of you respond to my stories when I was talking about not ever washing my hair. Honestly the best thing I ever did! The funny thing is, I actually started this by accident. After I had Liam, it was the middle of summer I was hormonal and having heat flashes, so I literally just always had my hair up in a bun! I hardly ever washed it and I noticed that it was so much softer and shinier. The more I did it, the longer it would take to become greasy and flat. I had always heard that you can train your hair to be less greasy so I decided to give it a try!

First off, you'll definitely be needing some dry shampoo! Thankfully, I wasn't working or having to go anywhere much so I could just throw my hair up in a messy bun and go with it- no matter how greasy it was. If you have the ability to do this for a couple days- I would do it. The main goal of "training" your hair is to teach it not be oily! Washing it everyday and rinsing out all the oils your hair needs just makes it produce more, making your hair greasy! It is important to keep your hair moisturized, especially if you are not washing it often! I use a hair oil, to keep the ENDS ONLY of my hair soft and silky. Also, using salon grade shampoo will make a MAJOR difference. Cheap products that can be purchased at drug stores and Wal Mart create a waxy build up that is bad for hair! I will be linking my favorite products later in the post!

I didn't follow any real plan, I just did what works best for me. So I will just share with you exactly what I did and how my hair reacted. Now I usually wash my hair, let it air dry and then curl it with a wand. My curls will last about a week (of course I have to touch them up slightly every other day) and I use dry shampoo usually the last two days!

Week 1
5 days no wash

So the first week you just kind of get to know your hair. Were you just washing your hair everyday out of habit? How many days does it take you hair to get so greasy you can't stand it?

The first time I did this, I went 5 days without washing my hair. Normally I could go 1-3 depending on how I styled my hair. So the last two days I had my hair up in a bun! There are natural oils in your hair that can only be produced by your body. The best conditioning treatment is oily, greasy hair! (as gross as it sounds).

Week 2
4 days no wash

For some reason, I remember the second time being WAY worse than the first time I went a long time without washing my hair! My hair was greasier than it had ever been and I ended up using dry shampoo on day 2 and 3. Day 4 was a  greasy messy bun! Your hair will feel amazing after letting it sit super  greasy for a day- trust me!

Week 3
6 days no wash

My hair was SO SHINY and soft this week! Although by day 4 I noticed the ends of my hair felt very dry, so I applied a VERY TINY amount of my favorite hair oil ( I have two & I'll link them below) and rubbed it on the ends of my hair and they felt brand new again! Days 5 and 6 I used dry shampoo!

Week 4

Guys this was literally life changing! Especially with a baby- I had no time to get ready, but I still wanted to feel pretty and put together. All I had to do was run a brush through my hair or add some dry shampoo! Having super curly hair, I thought I would never be able to do this! My hair has ALWAYS been high maintenance so I am so glad to have whipped it into shape! 😂


  1. Moroccan oil- This stuff smells AMAZING and makes your hair so soft and shiny! I use on the ends of my hair if they are looking or feeling dry and a little bit on wet hair when I get out of the shower!
  2. BB Hairdresser's Oil- again smells amazing! I do the same things with this as I do the Moroccan oil. I just switch back and forth!
  3. Redken All Soft has been one of my favorite salon shampoos for years! It leaves your hair so soft and light! ANNDD it's not super expensive. Jc Penny's usually has it on sale!
  4. OLAPLEX- I cannot tell you enough amazing things about this product. If you are a blonde you HAVE TO HAVE this stuff. Amazing hair masks for color treated or bleached hair!
  5. Pureology Hydrate- another good shampoo and conditioner if you have thick, curly, or dry hair!
  6. Hydrate sheer- Good for my girls who have dry hair, but it's thinner!
  7. Matching conditioners
  8. MilkShake Purple Shampoo- I get asked all the time how I get my blonde from being brassy and this is the secret!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this purple shampoo! and it lasts forever!
  9. My favorite dry shampoo! I don't reccomend the ones that color your hair! They make it feel funny but any of the scented ones work great!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Recent Amazon Favorites

Y'all I've been spending waaay too much time on Amazon recently, but they really do have some good stuff! I have ordered a couple things and I love them! The best advice I can give is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read the reviews and look at the pictures people post. However, on Amazon, it's usually worth the risk because even if it turns out bad and they won't refund you Amazon customer service is AMAZING and they will work it out for you! That being said, there is some great spring stuff I have found recently! I'm allll about the spring and summer styles right now. A lot of this stuff sells out and is then restocked, so be sure to check back if they don't have your size!

Just click on an image to shop!

*** I do make a tiny commission for you all shopping through my links! ( less than sales tax) I appreciate you guys supporting me by shopping through my links- you all are the best!****

Monday, February 18, 2019

Spring Trend: Bright, Striped Cardigans

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Striped cardigans are one of my favorite trends for spring! I love all the bright colors and since it’s still chilly outside, it’s a great way to keep warm and still be cute! I love pairing mine with some jeans and neutral top- to really make the colors pop!

Some other cute options would be over a t shirt dress with some booties and if it’s  hotter out, with a cute tank and pair of jean shorts! 

I’ve linked several cute options below! All you have to do is click on an image to shop! 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Spring Transition Pieces

Since warm weather is finally approaching (yay). Spring is my second favorite season- summer is first obviously *beach girl* haha. It's not too hot and it's not too cold. The sun finally stays out past 5:30 PM and there are pretty flowers everywhere! Finally you can begin to dig out your favorite sandals and pair of jean shorts! Dresses are no longer miserably cold to wear and you no longer have to carry a coat with you everywhere you go.
If I could wear a cute maxi and espadrilles everyday, I would. Seriously those are my top two favorite pieces in the world! I love all the whites and the bright colors Spring brings with it as well. I pieced this post together to kind of give you all some ideas on different outfits you could style for this transition into warmer weather! There are definitely some *SPLURGE* worthy pieces in this post, but for the most part they are all super affordable- good news, right?!
These outfits are super easy to shop, just click on an image to be directed to the website! If you want to save an outfit for later, feel free to pin it on Pinterest! Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments which outfit is your fave!














Monday, February 4, 2019

Random Facts + Life Update

1.  I am a twin!
So Haley and I could not be more different!! She's super tall, I'm not. She has dark hair, mine is a little lighter. We have WAAAAY different styles. She LOVES the mountains, I love the beach! Haha. We're fraternal too, so we look nothing alike!

2. I took outfit pictures in high school!
I had always been obsessed with clothes and fashion.  I would take pictures in the bathroom on break so I could print them and keep them in a book to remember which outfits I liked! Oh man I wish I had thought to post them on instagram! Those filters though. 😂 My style has changed SO much!



3. Full name: Olivia. May. Bell. no Maybell here 😂😂😂

4. Exercise Science Degree
I never really thought about going into any sort of fashion business or anything as a career. I always wanted to be a doctor and at the time the only jobs in any sort of fashion were big NYC jobs as a designer or model, or retail working in a store- neither interested me. I am so glad I finally found blogging and I truly love it! There are days I have regrets not going to medical school because medicine has always interested me, but fashion and being creative has my heart!

5. TN is HOME
I have always lived in Tennessee, but I have always had an addiction to the ocean! My mom does too, so we would go multiple times a year to the beach. When I got older and had my own money I would go literally every couple months. I can't get enough! I would LOVE to live on the gulf or in Charleston one day!


OliviaMayBell.com is approaching one year- in April- & I cannot believe how much it has grown. It is crazy to think how this all started! I remember talking with Caleb about all these bloggers and girls I was obsessed with and thinking wow I wish I could do that. It may have even been Caleb who was like uh Olivia you can do what they're doing! My first post was about our engagement! Read about it here. It is still my most read post!! 

Blogging is hard and a lot of work! I never would've imagined looking from the outside in how much goes into it and goes on that everyone doesn't see. I am so thankful I was talked into doing it and I enjoy every minute of it! So thanks for following along! If you are looking for tips or encouragement on starting your own blog, read this post here!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Top 5 of January

Sharing January's top 5 loved items tonight! Just click to shop!