Hi there!

Welcome! I am Olivia, the author of Olivia May Bell blog and I am so glad you're here! Whether your here for fashion tips, mom/baby info, or maybe you just happened to stumble upon this, I am so happy you did! So let's get to know each other a little better!

Random Facts + Life Update

Monday, February 4, 2019

1.  I am a twin!
So Haley and I could not be more different!! She's super tall, I'm not. She has dark hair, mine is a little lighter. We have WAAAAY different styles. She LOVES the mountains, I love the beach! Haha. We're fraternal too, so we look nothing alike!

2. I took outfit pictures in high school!
I had always been obsessed with clothes and fashion.  I would take pictures in the bathroom on break so I could print them and keep them in a book to remember which outfits I liked! Oh man I wish I had thought to post them on instagram! Those filters though. 😂 My style has changed SO much!



3. Full name: Olivia. May. Bell. no Maybell here 😂😂😂

4. Exercise Science Degree
I never really thought about going into any sort of fashion business or anything as a career. I always wanted to be a doctor and at the time the only jobs in any sort of fashion were big NYC jobs as a designer or model, or retail working in a store- neither interested me. I am so glad I finally found blogging and I truly love it! There are days I have regrets not going to medical school because medicine has always interested me, but fashion and being creative has my heart!

5. TN is HOME
I have always lived in Tennessee, but I have always had an addiction to the ocean! My mom does too, so we would go multiple times a year to the beach. When I got older and had my own money I would go literally every couple months. I can't get enough! I would LOVE to live on the gulf or in Charleston one day!


OliviaMayBell.com is approaching one year- in April- & I cannot believe how much it has grown. It is crazy to think how this all started! I remember talking with Caleb about all these bloggers and girls I was obsessed with and thinking wow I wish I could do that. It may have even been Caleb who was like uh Olivia you can do what they're doing! My first post was about our engagement! Read about it here. It is still my most read post!! 

Blogging is hard and a lot of work! I never would've imagined looking from the outside in how much goes into it and goes on that everyone doesn't see. I am so thankful I was talked into doing it and I enjoy every minute of it! So thanks for following along! If you are looking for tips or encouragement on starting your own blog, read this post here!