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23rd birthday + 23 birthday facts

Friday, March 22, 2019

  1. I have a degree in Exercise Science from East TN State University (real useful right) 不 Yes I graduated 38 weeks pregnant- we did it Liam!
  2. I’m NOT sponsored by Starbucks- I really just love it that much! Maybe one day we will Collab! (Dream collaboration Hahahaha ) 
  3. I played soccer, tennis, and cheered in high school! I was and still am super competitive 不 family game night is out of the question HAHA 
  4. My first job was as a lifeguard at the Johnson City Country Club. It was the best summer ever and I was the TANNEST I’ve ever been. 
  5. My biggest insecurity is my nose! I HATED it growing up but I’ve grown to love it and embrace it. Everyone says it looks like Kate Middleton’s? Yes no idk 不
  6. Caleb and I met in Anatomy class but he didn’t talk to me until about 2 months in when we also were in the same CNA class at the hospital! 
  7. I always wanted to be a doctor. Literally nothing else interested me until I started blogging! Now I don’t think I could see myself doing anything else (besides being a mom!)
  8. I HATE scary movies. Even some thrillers and refuse to watch them hahaha
  9. I almost never eat breakfast. Just give me my coffee and I’m good! 
  10. My front teeth are fake! { Wow I can’t believe I’m telling you all this! } I tripped over a basketball in sixth grade and chipped/knocked out my front teeth( 4 of them) they bonded and put crowns on them and I’ve had trouble ever since (I had an apicoectomy two summers ago) OW 
  11. I have 2 tattoos! My sister and I have matching ones ( our bday in Roman Numerals) and I have my brothers birthday too! 
  12.   My favorite color is pink! As if you didn’t already know! 不
  13. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and I’m so glad Liam gave me that opportunity
  14. I used to work at Sun tan city - that’s why I know all the secrets 不
  15. I always had the hardest time making friends (girls can be the worst sometimes :/ ) I’ve had the same 4 or 5 friends my whole life { with a couple newbies } 
  16. I snort when I laugh - A LOT 

Caleb wrote these last ones :  

  1. She takes FOREVER to get ready. If she says 20 minutes she means at least 45. 
  2. She thinks she’s  NASCAR driver and she’s a curb magnet 
  3. She only washes her hair once a week 
  4. She made a C in anatomy. (He literally ALWAYS rubs this in- I blame him)
  5. She put all kinds of stuff in food that I don’t like (onions tomatoes and trick me and don’t tell me they are in it) 
  6. She goes to Target EVERY day 
  7. She laughs like she doesn’t have teeth. (Lol !!!??)