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Current Baby Faves + Liam Sleep MIRACLE TRICK

Friday, March 1, 2019

Hey Mommas & Mommas to be! So after I posted the Chicco Quick Seat the other day and Liam's big boy carseat, I got sooo many messages asking about different things I like to use with Liam! For those of you who have been following along since Liam was having sleep issues, I think we have finally solved it without the crying- praise the Lord!!

1. First, is the Chicco Quick Seat! Yall. THIS IS AMAZING. Caleb and I haven't been able to sit down to a meal at a restaurant (hands-free) in forever! Normal high chairs aren't quite secure enough for Liam and he flops around leaving us trying to keep him from falling and eventually just taking him out of it! Actually, the last few times we ate at restaurants, their high chairs didn't have a "leg bar" (for between his legs) so he was half sliding out the bottom. We have actually had this for months but never got around to opening it or using it (I think we got it for Christmas) but we are seriously impressed. It folds up to about the size of a laptop, just a little thicker, and is SO easy to use. It attaches to any table, lip or no lip, thick or thin! He sat in it the ENTIRE time without fuss! Plus it has this hand tray so that his hands aren't all over the table!

(The cheapest deal I found is on Bed Bath and Beyond just because you can use their 20% off coupon. Linked here!)

Image result for chicco quickseatImage result for chicco quickseat

2. Big boy carseat! Excuse me while I cry a little bit. No more carrier car seat for my big boy! (He out grew the height limit on our other car seat!) I searched and searched for good safe car seats before I had Liam. My little brother actually had this exact same one, but I wanted to keep looking just to make sure it was the best choice. I really wanted a car seat we could use for a while! Most car sesats are some sort of convertibles but not all! This one is newborn alll the way to a booster seat! So hopefully we won't have to buy him another one- EVER. This one was 4.8 stars AND it was Baby Center's no. 1 car seat for 2018! 

Best deal linked here

3. Love to Dream Swaddle. Liam LOVES this swaddle. He is a belly sleeper, so this swaddle allows him to feel swaddled, yet still have his arms out from his sides to comfortably lay. His arms fan out beside his head in this swaddle.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original - image 1 of 10

4. Ergo Carrier 

I have so many wraps and carriers and this one is mine (and Caleb's fave). Liam will always go right to sleep when he's in it! It's padded in all the right places, making it comfy for you and baby! It also comes with a block to boost up baby if they aren't quite tall enough.

Linked here! + 20% off on Bed Bath and Beyond

Liam Sleep Miracle!

Off and on, Liam has been extending his naps to longer than 45 min, which is amazing for me! I decided to cut out one of his three naps (keep in mind he is 8 months old so it is normal for a baby this old to drop one nap). His previous schedule was 7 AM wake, 9 AM nap, 12:30 PM nap, 4:30/5 PM nap, 7:30 PM bed. We dropped the 4:30/5 nap and moved his two nap to 10 AM and 3 PM. It has made his naps waaay longer and he goes down much easier at night now! 

We had tried SO MANY sleep methods. Cry it out, moms on call, 12 by 12, none of it made a difference. He would make the most pitiful cry and would just be up ALLLL night long. It made this momma so sad!

The real trick was getting him outside for at least 30 min!!! My grandma always said he just needs fresh air and he will go right to sleep and I swear she was right! When we installed his new car seat we were all outside for about 45 min and then that night he slept a 4 hour stretch at night (this hasn't happened in months). So everyday we have made a point to keep him outside for about 30 minutes during the day a couple times and it has worked like magic! I just hope it stops raining so we can continue.