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HOW TO: Pack for Vacation

Friday, March 15, 2019

Hey guys! So today I’m gonna be talking about the BEST ways to pack for vacation! I’m a procrasti-packer 🤣 always last minute, always forgetting something. It’s 1000x worse now that I have a whole other human to pack for! Today I’m going to share some of my favorite tips & tricks on how to pack LIGHT & not forget a thing. 

  1. Plan, plan, & PLAN 
PLAN out your outfits ahead of time. I’m literally the worst at this- I know I’m a blogger I should be able to throw outfits together in no time, but that’s the problem. I just always wait until last minute and then I am just stressed out. For this trip, I tried on all my outfits before I packed them, I made sure they were comfy and looked the way I wanted, and then I folded the outfit together. 

  1. CHECK the weather 
You may be going to the beach, but that doesn’t mean that it will be sunny sadly! I’ve been on trips plenty of times where it’s rained or been way colder than I expected. I always look at the weather a day or so before so I can make last minute changes to my outfits if I need to! 

  1. Bring EXTRA, but don’t overpack
It’s always good to bring a back-up, but if you’re flying or needing to pack light, you don’t want to bring too much extra! If I’m unsure about one part of an outfit, I’ll throw in another option just in case, or maybe if I love the shirt, not sure about the pants, I’ll just pack an alternate options for bottoms. 

Idk which I’m worst at, planning ahead or staying organized 🤣 my suitcase ALWAYS looks like a tornado ran through it. BUUUUUT. I found these SUPER cute packing cubes on Amazon! I saw a bunch of different more expensive versions at Nordstrom and other retailers but I couldn’t see myself spending $50 or more dollars on something I wasn’t sure if I would use or even like! So I ordered THESE $20 ones off amazon and y’all - GAME. CHANGER. They come in several colors and each pack has different sizes! Sooooo helpful. Shop Here 

Cute Liam pic because well, he’s the cutest & best packing buddy :)

5.  Make a LIST 
Making a list BEFORE you start packing is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything. I always forget something. It literally NEVER fails. So I always try to write down everything I need including outfits and everything! Then I mark everything off as I go so I know I have packed everything I need!