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Spring Designer Shoe Dupes

Sunday, April 14, 2019

I LOVE a good deal, and this Spring I have searched and found AMAZING dupes on alllllll of the most popular shoes for Spring. Cute shoes can make or break an outfit- but I hate spending an arm and a leg on them. . .Can I get an AMEN? Hahaha. So I usually end up waiting until they go on sale. But by then, my size is usually sold out ( I am a 7, literally the most common size EVER) or it's not even warm enough out to wear them. So I end up tucking them away for next year, begging for the warm weather to hit. I mean, who wants to do that??

So instead this year, go with a good dupe that could be literally only 25% of the price!! I have linked both designer and dupe brand so you can shop either, just click on a image to shop!

1. Marc Fisher Sandals VS XXI
These are literally an exact dupe! I have seen them both in person and it would be really hard to tell which is which! The forever 21 ones are under $20!! They come in a pretty white too!

2. Steve Madden VS Payless
So Payless is going out of business. .. BUMMER. They were making some super cute Steve Madden dupes. You can hardly tell these sneakers apart! Although they can't be purchased online anymore, so check your local store!

3. Steve Madden VS Payless

Also unavailable online! They took off all their inventory and are selling everything in stores! This shoe came in a ton of colors! It is probably under $20 now! Reg price I think around $30!

1. Chloe Wedge VS DSW
Honestly, I almost like the dupe better and not just because its literally 1/8 of the price. I love scallop for spring and summer and these wedges are SO comfy.

2.  Steve Madden VS Target
Clearly these look just a little different but also totally different price points! The Target dupes are under $20 and come in almost all the same colors as the Steve Madden's. These sandals were SUPER popular last year and I have feeling they will be this year too!

These are just some popular sandals I saw allll last summer. I found a similar-but different pair at Forever 21 for super cheap! And they are great quality too.

1. Chloe VS Vince Camuto
These dupes are still just a *little* pricey! But compared to over $200, $90 isn't so bad when you really want the shoes! I adore these sandals, they are sooo cute for Spring and Summer!

2. Chloe VS XXI
Love these wedges! I got a different dupe for the Chloe one's last  year at Payless! They may still have some in store (mine was out last time I checked) but Forever 21 still has this cute, affordable option!

 3. Sole Society VS Red Dress
Love the leopard print trend- I am definitely here for it! I really love both of these styles but these were the closest dupes I could find. Sole Society makes some AMAZING shoes, so they are definitely worth the price if you like that style better! But the Red Dress ones are under $40!

1. Goodnight Macaroon VS Nordstrom Rack
These boots OMG YALLLL. I wear them alllll the time and you have probably seen them on literally everyone's instagram! I am obsessed. They are heeled, but so comfy. I found a great deal on them so I bought them right away! There are some sizes still in stock but they are an identical dupe to the $168 dollar Goodnight Macaroon pair!

2. Steve Madden VS Target
The "Carson" heel has been my got to for so long if I need a good pair of heels for an event. They aren't too high and are surprisingly comfy (for a high heel). The wider heel on the back makes them SO much easier to walk in! Target recently came out with new heels and low and behold there is a dupe for my favorite heels! Love!

 3. Steve Madden VS Target
Another great Steve Madden dupe.  I hope you guys like their shoes as much as I do lol. Target made a dupe of the "Kimmie" by Steve Madden. They also come in blue and yellow!

1. Valentino VS Amazon
Love the studded shoe trend! How cute are these slides! SOOOOO much cheaper than the Valentino version and seriously just as cute!

2. Marc Fisher VS Steve Madden
I love a good pair of wedges! These Steve Madden's are my favorite because they are not as high as the Marc Fisher ones so they're easier to walk in lol Mom life.

3. Target VS Payless
If the Target version of the Steve Madden heels are still pricey, there is an EVEN CHEAPER version at Payless. You'll have to go in store to find them but they come in alllll sorts of colors and are $10 right now!

1. Steve Madden VS Target
Love these embellished slides! How cute are they!!!! I am alll about some sandals this year. These will go with anything and I love the sparkle.

2.  Chanel VS Sam Edelman
I love espadrilles! ESPECIALLY these Chanel ones- except they cost an arm and a leg hahahha. I found another cute version for under $60!

3. Valentino VS Amazon
YALL. These are identical! I think they are a perfect shoe for the beach or the pool! I wouldn't wear them for extended periods of time because the jelly rubs!