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Wedding Planning Wednesday PT I

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I am soooo excited to start planning my wedding! I have literally been planning this for years (thanks Pinterest) lol. Although not everything has gone according to plan, I am so excited for this new part of our lives! That being said, your girl is STRESSED. Omg there is so much to plan and find! Any tips or recommendations would also be greatly appreciated!

A little bit about us. . . .
Caleb and I met in January of 2017 in Anatomy class while in college at ETSU. Although we didn't speak there at first, we ended up in the same CNA class through a hospital in our hometown (we were both pre med) and there we ended up talking to each other about our Anatomy tests etc! The funny thing is we were both dating other people!! Several months passed, and we both had become single and kept in touch. Then, at the end of summer (after months of me begging- lol I know right) Caleb FINALLY hung out with me! We have been inseparable ever since. I found out I was pregnant with Liam around Thanksgiving and we got engaged that March (read our engagement story here). Obviously things did not go quite the way I always though they would, but you know what they say, you make plans and God laughs! I am blessed to have both Caleb and Liam in my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.

How to Begin. . .
Okay, let's be honest, how many of you girls have a Pinterest wedding board?! 🖐
Probably all of you. I’ve literally been planning my wedding on Pinterest for YEARS. Even though it’s semi organized on there, my best advice so far is to use a wedding planner website or app! Here are some ones that I’ve used so far! I would definitely start with a wedding website or planner first!


I like this one a lot. It lays everything out for you on a timeline and gives you the option to add guests and make a registry. Also, it has a timeline that shows how soon you should be doing what! Super helpful. 

Wedding Wire 

This one goes a little more in depth- in my opinion. There’s a budget option too, which I love! I think it’s important to set a budget wayyy ahead of time so that you can stick to it and know what you’re getting into. 

Granted, Caleb and I probably won’t actually get married until 2021, we still want to plan! The earlier the better! Charleston is a very popular wedding destination and since that is pretty much where we’re set on, you have to do things waaaaay in advance. 

Today we actually went wedding dress shopping (YAY). This is literally the most exciting part- esp. for me! We visited two places in Charleston, Modern Trousseau and Lovely Bride. I had an AMAZING experience at Modern Trousseau. She was extremely helpful and sweet and since is was by appointment only- we had the whole store dedicated to us and really had time to pick out and plan. That being said I’m actually building my own custom dress 🤣 but I am super excited!! I want something very classic, traditional, and elegant and therefore I didn’t really find anything I absolutely LOVED at Lovely Bride- but I’ll still share some of the dresses I tried on with you all!!

Obvisouly I don’t want to share my dress just yet! Lol but here are some pictures from today! It was really fun- I’ve never tried on wedding dresses before. Totally a new experience and you’ll quickly realize what you like and dislike! I HIGHLY recommend Modern Trousseau- it was the best experience ever- especially for my first time!