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How I Save Money While Traveling

Friday, April 26, 2019

I save money while traveling in a ton of ways

Travel. . . Everyone is itching to do it- but it can be SOOO expensive. I have always been a traveler. I am a huge fan of the beach and I try to go as much as I can, but I love going and seeing new places and exploring. That being said, I have experimented in multiple ways on the best ways to save money while you travel.

1. Bring Your Own Breakfast/Snacks. This is wayyyy easier if you're a girl-or you're staying at a hotel. Caleb probably eats 2-3 times what I eat in a day so he doesn't skip meals and he eats a lot at meals too. When I was traveling with friends and even sometimes now, I try to pick a place with complimentary breakfast. Now, there are times where we will want to hit up a breakfast spot- and if that's the case, we'll splurge and eat breakfast. Normally, I am just a quick bite (granola bar, apple, yogurt, etc) for breakfast, some coffee and I am good to go. This sounds like something everyone will think of doing, but if you don't bring it with you on the trip- it's hard to make time to run to the store and grab them- especially if you're in for a quick trip! There have also been times where we'll just snack during the day and then eat a big dinner. Especially when we're in Charleston! Food there can be SOOO pricey- so we will usually do 2 meals a day and just snacks in between. See my Charleston Travel Guide here.

2. Book In Advance. This goes for flights, hotels, etc. If I'm flying somewhere, I always put a google alert on it. Even if its just for a day or so. It will send you an email when the price drops. You can even pull up a chart of predictions of if it will drop more or etc. The same works for hotels as well. I always check various websites too- prices can fluctuate website to website and one always has a better deal.

Favorite travel sites : Expedia // VBRO // Airbnb // Travelocity // DELTA

3. Join rewards programs. Most hotels offer a free rewards program which will knock down the nightly rate! Airbnb offers you travel credit for referring people- literally you can get a free stay! I am a Delta reward member and it PAYS OFF. Even if you don't get the credit cards, you can join their free Skymiles program and earn rewards that way too! It may not seem a lot in the beginning but you save where you can! I’ve looked over all the websites and Delta offers the best airline rewards and benefits in my opinion. Plus I’ve never had a negative experience with them!

4. Travel with Friends / Family!  Some of the cheapest trips I’ve gone on were with a big groups of people. Now obviously this is harder if you have to fly to your desitnation BUT renting out a huge home is a great way to stay somewhere super nice for dirt cheap! Couples trips are fun because you can do stuff together but alone as well- but you’re both saving money!

5. Pack light!   This is my BEST tip for if you’re flyung! Especially if you don’t have a SkyMiles card. Checking bags can add up so I would recommend getting a small bag to carry on! Delta lets you have a small suitcase or bag plus a personal item (backpack or purse).

6. Do the free stuff!! Anywhere you go where you go there always activities directed at tourists. They’re usually fun- but super expensive and time consuming because that’s where EVERYONE is! Because we’ve gone to Charleston so many times over the years, I’ve nailed down the best things to do for free there and I’ll be doing a post on that soon (so keep your eye out! 😉). When we go somewhere and wanna know all the free things to do we usually will do some googling. Then I would suggest going to that location on Instagram. For example type in Charleston SC and look through the photos- you’re bound to find businesses promoting free events or locals posting about what they did that Saturday!

Thanks for reading guys!! I hope to add more, the more I travel! Have some travel tips to share? Comment and let me know your best kept secrets!