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Wedding Planning Wednesday Pt III

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

So last week we talked about what you should be focusing on 9-12 months out.  Read that post here. This week, we're talking venues!! Which is super exciting especially since we have chosen Charleston as where we are getting married! Charleston was actually just chosen as the NO 1 wedding destination for this year, which is cool, but it also kind of sucks because now the prices are going up :(. I am only super familiar with a couple of the venues that I have looked at so I am excited to travel back and see these at one point, but I am going to share the ones I am interested in thus far.

But first. . . I want to talk about things you should look for and be mindful of when choosing a venue! Number of guests This is SO important because (especially in Charleston) some venues have a lower maxi capacity, so if you are planning on having a bigger wedding, you might have to pick somewhere that is a little more accommodating of your larger party. Pricing You want to be mindful of your budget! Be sure to look at what all is included. The caterer? Event planner? Bartending? Some places offer packages at a discounted rate for including multiple things. Also be sure to look at times. Some places in Charleston are historic so you have to be packed up and gone by 9 PM! Seriously, I read this on a site. Also for hours, you want to make sure you're paying for an all day event or enough time for the ceremony and reception if you're having both there. It doesn't hurt to compare pricing at similar places either, sometimes a little bargaining never hurt anyone ;) places like to be fully booked early, and they'll do whatever they can to stick the sale! Lay eyes on the location This kind of seems like an obvious thing but you don't want to book somewhere you loved 3 years ago and then go to have your wedding their and it be completely different! Plus it helps to just visualize things and layout, etc if you're planning yourself when you actually see it in person. Photography can be misleading and sometimes big looking spaces turn out to not be what you expected. 

Venue options thus far. . . I have only looked at a couple venues in person and so far none of them are a go! So here's to a second round of venues to look at- good thing we have PLENTY of time to pick and choose.

So I have actually visited here before- but never the wedding venue side. They have several different houses and locations but this one is my favorite.

I've seen the outside of this one, but never been in. It looks GORGEOUS and you can tell whoever has been in charge of these weddings really pays attention to detail. They are just beautiful.

I think this picture says enough about this venue. It is absolutely breathtaking. A little further from the heart of Charleston, but I mean still. It really looks amazing!

I have never seen or heard of this one. It is more north of Charleston but from the pictures, it looks like it could be a match!

I love how the palm trees are still displayed all around this venue and still gives it a beachy vibe! They have tons of other gorgeous rooms that would be good for a reception as well!

This one is a hotel- the only hotel- right on Folly Beach. I have always dreamed of getting married on the beach with an ocean view! It just all depends on how accommodating a reception would be there, etc.

So... I gotta know! Which venue is your favorite? Leave a comment below to let me know. You can visit each venue's website by clicking on the name. Have more suggestions for places in and around Charleston? Leave me a comment or email me!

*** all of these photos are from each venues website. I do not own these photos, see websites for credit