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Fishtail Braid with Extensions

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Heyyyy everyone! So after that day that I wore my ponytail extensions, I had so many people ask about them and about how to do a fishtail! A fishtail braid is SUPER easy and I love how it looks!

A fishtail braid, or any braid really, is a just a good, easy way to wear your hair that makes it stand out! I love braiding my hair, especially with these extensions - and its so cute with a hat or athleisure too!


Ponytail extensions, $40 HERE

About the extensions . . . 

I've had Bellami clip ins as well, and I really liked them! This one however is the ponytail - which I also love. I am fortunate enough to have super thick hair but if you don't, the pony is very heavy. I would recommend trimming it or getting it thinned out!

Skip to 3:17 for just the fishtail!

I'm going to be doing some more hair tutorials soon on different braids and curling, etc so be sure to susbscribe!