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What I Packed In My Carry-On

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

what I Packed in my carry on for our trip to dallas texas with my one year old son

i am wearing this comfy lounge set from aerie and pink adidas

Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you what I packed in my carry-on for our trip to Dallas. Most of the stuff is #momlife but really it all goes for anyone! This will be our first (flying) trip with Liam and I am so excited. I hope he does okay on the plane - but I guess we will find out!

I used my louis vuitton neverfull for my carry on bag

1. Cell Phone Charger Bank

Y'all these things are life savers!!! If you remember to keep them charged - lol! I usually forget to charge mine when I get home, but I have been pretty good about it lately. It lasts quite awhile though. I can charge my phone to full battery 4-5 times before it dies!

2. Scrunchies

You never know when you'll need to throw your hair up. I always keep some hair ties or scrunchies on me - just in case I am in need of a hairstyle change.

I brought my ipsy bag to store some of my favorite lip colors

3. My Fave Lip Colors

I always keep several colors with me! Plus some lip balm. My lips get dry on the plane- literally everytime!

4. Snacks - for me and Liam

Larabars are my fave!!! So good for you but really tasty too! The cookie dough and key lime are my faves. These protein crunch bars are like wafers and are super yummy too. 

5. Headphones

I love these pink ones- they've lasted forever! I think my mom got them 2 Christmases ago. The cord is not like regular iphone headphones. Its like a paracord type thing so it holds up really well!

6. Pairs of Sunnies

Pink Quay // Ray Ban // Spotted

I actually keep more than this in my purse! I am a sunglasses addict, but I really just wear my Ray Ban's 24/7 haha!

7. My Macbook

So the plan is that Liam will sleep a majority of the time on the plane so hopefully momma can get some work done! Guess we will see what happens. I always bring my computer on the plane if were traveling- I'm too scared to check it although now that I think about it, I'm not sure that you can  haha.

8. Wallet, Watch,  Phone!

Gotta stay in the loop while I'm gone! But really something really funny happened the last time Caleb and I flew. I stuck some lotion in my bag on our way back from Austin and forgot about it. We were running late and I was running through security (after Caleb) and they told me I either had to check my bag or toss it. So I was like crap okay I'll check it. Went back to the desk to check it and they're like oh it's too close to time for the plane to leave to get it on blah blah blah finally they let me check it. I have like 5 minutes to get through security while I left everything except my debit card ( phone , purse, bags) with Caleb who is already through security. Literally almost got left in Austin alone. Oh and this was like 2 weeks after we started dating so I didn't even know his number by heart or anything lol. So word of advice, take your phone and wallet with you everywhere hahhaha.