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Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Handbags: Splurge or Save?


Tonight I'm going to share some of the most popular designer bags and their dupes, B U T they're not cheap amazon dupes- they're other nice brands that have put out a similar style- for half the price! Gucci, Chanel, YSL, all their dupes for under $500 and most under $100!

1. Chloe ($2k) VS Sole Society ($70)

These two satchels are pretty much the same- but honestly I adore the stitching on the Sole Society one! Both totes come in several different colors too!

2. Chanel Deauville ($3K+) VS I Love Jewelry Tote ($68)

Honestly one of the prettiest toes EVER. They make the Chanel ( and ILJ) in a pink and its just so gorgeous and the perfect bag for summer. The I Love Jewelry one I carried nonstop when I first got it. It fits everything you could need with you- including a laptop and it's really, really great quality. 

3.  YSL ($1.9K) VS Tory Burch ($500)

I love the quilted bag trend. It really is just a classic look, plus it can really dress up any outfit. The Tory Burch Kira is one of my favorites and will probably be the next bag I purchase. I honestly like it better than the YSL and I think thats just because of the quilt pattern and color options!

4. Chanel ($3K+) VS Michael Kors ($130)

This Chanel bag is such a classic. I recently stumbled upon this Michael Kors version- I think I saw it on a Facebook add haha- and its such a cute dupe for it. I love the pink- obvi and it doesn't have a blatant logo- just like this Chanel one!

5. Gucci Disco ($1190) VS Tory Burch ($248)

The only thing this Gucci bag has on the Tory is the tassel. . . other than that and the logos of course they're the same! I am not a HUGE fan of this style bag, but I do know it super popular so if you've been eyeing the Disco, this is a good dupe for you!

6. Gucci Marmont Camera ($900) VS Tory Burch Camera ($358)

Another great TB VS Gucci! Obviously the quilt patterns are a little different but similar styles and one is at a 1/3 of the price!

7. Chanel ($3K+) VS Target ($30)

Okay I saved the best for last because uh Target for the win! Plus it comes in pink too! Need I say more?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cute Ponytail for Summer

cute ponytails for blondes women for summer barefoot blonde hair

Hey babes!   Tonight I’m sharing with you guys how I do this cute, fun side pony! I always love trying new hairstyles, when I have time haha! This one is SUPER easy and definitely dresses up a ponytail! 

1. Put hair in a side ponytail

2. Take a piece from the back and wrap around your ponytail to hide elastic

3. Tuck the "tail end" of the wrap back into the elastic

4. It should look like this!

5.  Add another elastic slightly below, I did it about 2.5-3 inches apart- and pull the sides, and front and back to "poof it out."

6. When you're done "poofing" grab your hair below the elastic and pull apart, tightening your poof!

7. Repeat steps 2 & 3

8. Keep going until you have about 3-4 inches of hair left and then you're done!

It should turn out like this!

Monday, June 24, 2019

What to Wear for the 4th of July!


Dress // Sunglasses // Shoes // Bag

Hey babes. . . Serving you alll sorts of fun 4th of July looks today!! Whether you're hanging at the lake or by the pool, or just having a cookout- I've got some outfit inspo for you! Scroll all the way down to see the whole outfits!

Red. . . 

White. . .

Blue. . .

Stars. . .

Stripes. . .

Flag. . .

By the water. . .

On the land. . .

Click on an item to shop!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Everyday Makeup

Hey guys! This post is all about my everyday makeup routine. I am by no means a professional 😂. I just do what I think looks/feels good!

Makeup Brush:

I was gifted this brush by the AMAZING team at Michael Todd Beauty and I cannot day enough good things about it! I love the look it gives my makeup and the pain it saves my wrist- lol! It gives your makeup a very smooth- blended look, which is what I think everyone goes for! So easy to use too! I didn’t use it with my concealer just because I didn’t want to mix the darker and lighter shades under my eye but it’s great for blending out the edges around.  You can shop it here.

**although this product was gifted to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own**


The primer I used today is is just  the Loreal Bb Cream in the shade light.

I NEVER used a primer for the longest time. I had never tried one so I didn't notice a difference until I tried it. Guys if you don't use one- I promise it will change your life. It's crazy how much of a difference it makes on how long your foundation lasts and how quickly it oxidizes.

I switch it up between three mainly. The first one is the Smashbox Photo Finish Reduce Redness. I have rosy cheeks and reddish skin so I love using this one if I'm using a medium-light coverage foundation because it really helps color correct your skin!

The second one I use is the Benefit POREfessional primer. This one really smoothes out any imperfections and lets your makeup stay all day. This one really prevents me from getting super oily throughout the day.

The last one is the Fenty primer. I recently had this one recommended to me the last time I was in Sephora and I absolutely love it. It is more of a lotion-type primer so it doesn't feel greasy when you put it on and it feels dry seconds after applying. It gives you a little glow under your foundation and I love it. I feel like this one does best out of all three for the summer just because it is lotion based and dries super quick.

***PRO TIP*** One of my Sephora gals told me to wait a few minutes after applying your face lotion, primer, and foundation in order to let each dry and soak in completely. I never thought of this before she told me (and maybe I'm just late to this trick) but it really does make a world of difference!


So like every other girl, I have used 1,000 different foundations. . . and I go back to the same 2 every time. My absolute all time favorite is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It's super pricey but oh my gosh worth every penny. It gives a medium coverage but leaves your skin looking like skin...not cakey and gritty. If you want more of a full coverage you can still achieve it with this foundation by layering it and it still looks flawless!

The foundation I used for this video is the Loreal Lumi True Match- in the shade W4.

The Estee Lauder Double Day Wear is one of the first foundations I ever used and I love it! It lasts forever- a little goes a long way with this one. This one is pretty light feeling which is good for summer!

I recently also tried the Estee Lauder Camouflage and its unbelievable if you like a very full coverage foundation. You could literally cover a tattoo with it! I have a lot of freckles and some days I just don't like them and want them covered up. I could never find a foundation that could do that without looking horribly cakey and coming off within a couple hours but the Camouflage is amazing!!

The Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is another good medium-full coverage option. I hadn't tried it before but it actually works really well! The other thing I really like about this one is that they have a very wide variety of colors. I'm very picky about my makeup matching ( I hate having a neck line).


Currently, I use this Lancome pencil on my brows. It's super soft so it makes your brows look more natural without the harsh line most pencils give.

I also use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil sometimes. It's a really good dupe for the Anastasia version. For some reason I go through brow pencils like crazy ( maybe because mine are so light or because it's the one thing I do every.single.day 😂 who knows).


Today I used the dupe for shape tape- Loreal Concealer.

I really don't use concealer that often- especially if I am just doing a quick throw on some makeup and go look. The Tarte Shape Tape is my favorite, though! I conceal around my brows after filling them in just to make them look cleaner. Other than that, I really only use it under my eyes to brighten them if I'm super tan or to coverup any blemishes I may have!

Setting Powder:

I have tried A MILLION of these and I absolutely swear by the Mabelline fit me. It gives your makeup a super soft flawless look without looking powdery. It lasts all day and its literally $10. You can't beat it.


Today I used my all time favorite bronzer, Butter bronzer by physicians formula!

I love the Urban Decay beached bronzer for a matte look. I have always had a problem with bronzers looking too orangey on me but this one really has a deep brown color and I love it!

If I am going for a brighter look I use the bronzers in the Anastasia Sun dipped glow palette!


For highlighter, I also use the Anastasia glow palette- it has two shades, one more of a tan color and a lighter one too! I also love the Champange Pop highlighter by Becca.


Orgasm by Nars is my all time favorite. I like the peachy/pink tones for my skin personally. The Nars blushes are amazing! I also love Mac powder blushes. Modern Mandarin, Peachy Keen (it has some sparkle to it), and Pink Swoon. I have literally had them for years! They last forever!


Normally, I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. But for a normal look, I use the Naked Basics pallete! It's a blend of neutral colors that I use to add a simple smokey eye!

Setting Spray:

Today I used the Coconut Spray by Wet N Wild.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Urban Decay's All Nighter spray. I go a little crazy with setting sprays (because they really do work), so I use two. The other one is the NYX Matte Spray. I use setting spray usually a couple times a day too keep my makeup fresh - especially in the summer.


I wore fake eyelashes for the longest time and there are a couple that I absolutely love! However, I recently opted to get eyelash extensions and I absolutely love them! I can barely feel them and they look a little more natural than strip lashes without the upkeep of putting them on everyday! Plus it is so nice waking up in the morning and not worrying about makeup because you already look like you have some on! Mine usually last about 2-3 weeks (depending on how often you rub your eyes/mess with them). I HIGHLY recommend them- if you are debating it, definitely do it.

My fave strip lashes:




I don't really have to use a lot of mascara both with the eyelash extensions or strip lashes. I'll put a little on my bottom lashes but that's about it! I love the Better Than Sex Mascara, though. It's what I always used before all the lashes! It makes your lashes super full and long. You can re apply as much as you want to build on for the look you want!


I recently found an AMAZING lip plumper that works really well (it does burn a little) but I love the look it gives. It's by Dirty Works and smells like coconut (I literally love anything and everything coconut flavored/scented).

My everyday favorite lipstick is by Mac in the shade Faux!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Bright, Summer Tennis Shoes

Every time I wear my pink shoes- you all love them! So I figured I would share some of the other fun colored tennis for summer and spring! Perfect for dressing down an outfit, heading to the gym or on a walk, or for a cute, athleisure look. 

 1. Pink Iniki - Honestly, I can say these adidas are some of the comfiest shoes I own! This particular pair ( as well as 7, 9, & 13) have a super cushioned bottom, making them seriously so comfy to wear all day. These would be a perfect shoe for Disney or a day spent shopping. However, they do run SUPER big. I sized down from my normal 7, to a 6 in womens or a 5 in kids ( I have a couple colors).

2. New Balance - Love this bright blue color for summer! Despite how it seems on insta, a majority of the day I stay in athleisure. It's so much easier to wear when I am running errands or chasing around a crazy toddler. I am stuck between these and the Nike reacts right now - but I need to spice up my shoe collection with something other than pink!

 3. Nike React - Caleb wanted these for at work ( he works in the ER so he's on his feet all day) so I know they're super comfy. They also come in a ton of color combos too!

4. Steve Madden - I have these in black - and I love them! You can dress them down or wear them with a cute t shirt dress. I love this peach color too though. Plus they are on sale!

5. Leopard Adidas - Ahh another good pair of Adidas. These and the peach ones are the same (obvi) and I have them in a light pink and black combo. So comfy and tons of colors. Dying over this leopard pair tho, definitely going to have to get them.

6. Nike React - Another pink pair! I like this darker pink with the lighter pink contrast - but I also wear a lot of grey workout clothes so I feel like a need a pair with grey!

7. Grey/Teal Adidas - Love this teal pair!!! I have a bunch of Lululemon that is this color teal and it would match perfect! I am seriously such a sucker for some cute tennis shoes! (runs large size down 1 full size).

8. Pink on pink Adidas - I have a different colored pair of these and they are SO lightweight. I like to wear them to the gym (when I go lol) for abs or arm days when I don't do a lot of running! (these run big too! I sized down a 1/2 size)

 9. Lilac Adidas - How stinking cute are these!!

10. Peach Adidas - same as my light pink ones- super comfy and such a fun color!

11. Teal Adidas - Debating on adding these to the collection- I have these in the hot pink! Size down- they run big.

12. Pink New Balance - Love all the pink tennis shoes! New balance make some of the comfiest shoes for working out or just walking around the neighborhood.

13. Pink/Grey Adidas

14. Pink Adidas - My exact hot pink pair!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy First Birthday Liam!


Friday, June 14, 2019

Pretty in Pink Romper

vici dolls laffy taffy pink polka dot ruffle romper


This romper is from Vici Dolls and it is sooo adorable! Using the code makes in under $50 and they still have free shipping right now! It runs TTS (I am wearing a medium). Its fully lined inside and ties at the waist!

Use code : JESSICA20 for 20% off at Vici Dolls! Thanks @jesshogancrum for sharing! 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Searching For. . . The Best Jeans

Searching for J E A N S! I don't know about you all- but I always have the hardest time finding a good pair of jean. First of all- I hate them! I hate how stiff they are and they're just uncomfortable to wear in my opinion. I am usually just more inclined to buy jeggings because I just can't stand them. Haha! I am shorter, so that is also a problem when searching for a good pair of jeans. I liked the cuff look, but I mean sometimes I just don't want to rock it! Then what about different styles like flares? You can't cuff those if they're too long! I tried on a bunch of different pairs to find some new ones for this upcoming Fall and Winter but I am also going to share with you ones that I have had for a long time that I love!

(I'm 5'2" for reference)

American Eagle - Next Level Jegging

I have always been a fan of American Eagle jeans. I have had them for years and I just keep coming back- even though it seems every year their sizing changes! The jeggings are my absolute favorite just because of how soft and comfy they are. They really do feel like leggings. They run longer but not too too long, I personally wouldn't even cuff these- not enough length to!

Fit: tight, run small, wearing a 6

Comfort: very soft and stretchy

Paige - Skinny Jeans
I'll start by saying first off that these are a pricier pair of jeans. I got them on SUPER SALE and paid less than $50 for them! They are great though. Very thinning, not high waisted but not super low cut either. They are less of a jegging material but still not as stiff as a normal type of jean. Length is perfect on me!

Fit: TTS wearing a 28

Comfort: softer than normal jean

J Crew - Curvy Skinny

These are a pair I've had for years. They're a stretchier jean, but definitely a thicker material. I love the fit of these because it tucks in the right places, but still allows you to have nice, natural curves as well. They also run short- but they make a tall version too if you're taller. These fit perfect in every way.

Fit: TTS  (28)

Comfort: stretchy but more of a stiff jean

Free People - Button Fly Skinny, Busted Knee

So the destroyed ones I linked are the exact pair, but the second pair are just the same style in a different wash (without the destroyed). Loveeeeee the button fly trend- that's actually why I picked up this pair. They are a true jegging, high waisted. Just a cute pair of jeans to wear with a cropped shirt, or a shirt that can be tucked in.

Busted knee jeans are my fave! I have the olive, white, and denim pairs and I absolutely love them! I wore them soon after I had Liam and they're all high waisted so they suck it in really well! Haha.

Fit: Runs small (28)

Comfort: very stretchy! busted knees aren't as stretchy but I still love them!

Express - Flares/Destroyed Skinny

Flares: My favorite pair of flares to date! Super soft material and I love the detailing on them too! They are a little long on me, but I usually wear these with wedges!

Skinnys: Love the destroyed/dark wash combo on these! Not super stretchy- but still more comfortable than normal jeans!

Fit: TTS on both pairs (flares: 27, skinnys: 27)

Comfort: both are super soft

Lucky Charlie Skinnys

MY ALL TIME FAVES! SO SO SO soft- don't know if it's cause I've had them for forever or they're actually that soft. lol They're so comfy and stretchy and I wore them even when I was pregnant!

Fit: TTS wearing a 27

Comfort: super soft