All About Extensions!


All About Extensions

Today's post is all about all different kinds of extensions I have used and what I like and disliked about them. I have used several types of extensions, all different kinds and brands. I love having the option to change the length of my hair without cutting it or having to do something that may damage my hair. Obviously this is just my personal preference and I have nothing against people who choose a different kind than me, just sharing what works best for my routine and hair!


I had tape ins for about 6 weeks and I couldn’t stand them. I hated the way they felt on my hair and it was hard to brush my hair with them. I have really naturally curly hair and I felt like I could never get my hair thoroughly brushed through (once they grew out a little). I loved the way they looked though! I also didn’t like how often you would have to come back to get them moved up, etc. I felt like these were the most damaging to my hair out of all the types I have used. When they got taken out I had MILD bald spots from where they pulled and pulled on my hair.

Hand- Tied:

If you follow any big bloggers, then you have probably heard of these! A lot of them go to Chrissy in Arizona and clearly she is just amazing. There are a couple local places that have done the class and provide the service of the hand-tied extensions and honestly I want to try them SO bad. The downside is they are SO expensive. Most places start around $1,000 and they have to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. I have never had these but I hope to try them one day so I don't have to take out my hair every night lol. 


I have actually used a couple of different clip in brands! The first ones I ever had were Bellami hair. I liked the way they looked and how easy they were to put in and take out. However, they didn’t last very long at all. They shed like crazy and split super easy. Most extensions you have to be very gentle with but these really didn’t hold up well enough to be worn every single day. I have one of their ponytail extensions too and I like it. It has held up great but I also don’t wear it everyday.

The second brand are Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup! (These are the ones I wear now). First of all, if you don’t follow her, YOU HAVE TO. She has the cutest fam and is seriously like the most gorgeous girl ever and so so sweet! I got these toward the end of May and was so impressed from the start. One of the hardest parts about finding a GOOD pair of extensions is color matching. Since all extensions are so fragile, you can’t really dye them to match your hair, if you do the life of them shortens tremendously. So most of the time a stylish who is familiar with extensions will recommend  coloring your hair to match them. A service that Barefoot Blonde offers is a sample pack of extensions. You can pick 5 color choices and you pay the $5 shipping and they ship you the samples to keep and try on to figure out which colors matches the best! This is how I matched them to my hair.

Wear- Most clip-ins should last you a year or more (if you take care of them). When it comes to extensions, you really get what you pay for, so spending a little more is usually the way to go so they stay looking nice and new and they last a long time. You don't want to waste your money, they can be super pricey!
Overall, clip-ins are my fave! I love that I can take them out if I want and clip them in different ways if I want a different hairstyle. If you're interested in extensions feel free to message me with questions :) I'll be happy to answer them if I can!

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