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Amazon Haul

Monday, June 3, 2019

Shop this suit here. 

Shop this suit here. 

Hey babes! I have finally gathered allll of my recent Amazon purchases for you and I can't wait to share them with you. Amazon (especially Prime) is probably one of my favorite inventions ever- I mean where else can you get something shipped to your house in 2 days for F R E E ?! Oh and they have the best return policy EVER (on most things). So I always take a gamble on things, even if they have little to no reviews because I know I can always get my money back. 

Wearing a small in this jumpsuit. Fits true to size- size up if bigger busted. 

Wearing a medium. Definitely size up especially if you're taller- maybe even 2 sizes.

Wearing a small- fits true to size!

Wearing medium- shorts underneath fit small.

Wearing a small. True to size- can be worn as a dress or coverup.

Wearing a medium top. Size up if you want it longer. Wearing a 27 in the jeans.