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So I would call this a routine, but let's be honest, I have a (almost) 1 year old who barely lets me get ready in the A.M. Haha. Today I am going to share with you some of my skin care faves! Now that Liam is going down easier at night and sleeping all night long, I have a teeny bit more time to focus on my skin! That being said, everyone's skin is different, do what works for me, may not work for you- and that's okay. I highly recommend trying a product- especially before you buy it. A lot of what I use on my skin right now is super affordable- but some of what I have tried can get a bit pricey. So please try before you buy! Sephora always allows you to sample things and the girls I see regularly in Knox are so kind and helpful! 

But first. . . a little about my skin! I have never had a problem with acne or breakouts. I will have an occasional flare up because of hormones or breastfeeding but they're pretty rare (thankfully). I have combination skin. Oilier in the summer, dry in the winter. So I am pretty versed in products that help both types of skin. One of the most important tips I can give you is DRINK. MORE. WATER. It will do wonders for your skin I promise!


I use a couple of different cleansers- just depending on how much makeup I have on, what time of day I am washing my face, etc. 

1. Alba Botanica cleanser

I usually use this one in the shower, or if I have no makeup on, but need to wash my face. It's very gentle and refreshing, bead-less. I was actually gifted this in PR package with a bunch of other brands and decided to try it! I love how gentle it is (doesn't dry out my face) and that they don't test on animals!

2. Clean and Clear Morning Burst

I usually will grab this one to help scrub off makeup or if it’s really early in the morning. It has the beads in it which I love to help scrub off makeup! I think I’ve used this since high school but it has always worked for me and makes my skin feel SO clean! They also have a night version too!


Watermelon Glow

I picked up a sample of this at Sephora a couple days ago and I am LOVING it so far. I have found for me personally, my skin does better when I am using a heavy moisturizer! This one smells AMAZING (like watermelon) and really does an awesome job moisturizing! I also got the mask and I love it too! You leave it on overnight and wash off in the AM and it just leaves my skin looking fresh and glowy!

Clinique Moisture Surge

I have used this off and on for years and it will be forever one of my favorites, especially in the winter! There really is no other product (that I have found) that can change dry skin to well moisturized overnight! It can be a bit pricey- but sometimes getting it in a set or on a good deal is the way to go!

Formula 10.6 Shine Free

If you are more of a matte person, this is the product for you! I have used their masks for years and I randomly saw this in Ulta one day and I decided to try it! Super good if you’re wanting to make your makeup not look shiny! It sort of feels like a primer and less wet- if that make sense, but it still gives your skin the moisture it needs

Favorite Masks

Watermelon Glow - overnight for moisture

Formula 10.6 peel - glowing peel mask 

Form 10.6 cucumber - soothing redness 

Sephora masks


Dr. Brandt eye cream

This is made for your dark circles under your eyes and its honestly the best. I actually got this in my last Fab Fit Fun box and I’ve been using it ever since. You can literally feel it tighten under your eyes! It is a teensy bit tinted and blurry as well so it’s perfect for right before you apply your makeup.

Loreal BB- Color Correcting and tinted

I have tried and use both of these recently and they are life changing! One of my main skin concerns is just how red my face is. It’s not Rosacea or anything, just my natural color of my skin. So I use the color correcting green where I need to cover the redness (mainly my forehead and cheeks). The tinted one I use everywhere else before applying my makeup.

I am no expert on the topic of skin, and like I said before, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to different things- which is why I myself always try a product before using it. So I recommend you do the same! For drug store brand products, I recommend purchasing from Wal-Mart because they will exchange almost anything and that way you won’t be out any money! I hope this is helpful to you all and feel free to message or send me an email if you have any questions!

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