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All About Skin Care- My Routine

Friday, October 25, 2019

Hey babes. So today I am going to be talking about my skin and current skin care routine! Luckily, my mother and grandmother both have amazing skin still so I got lucky with my genetics. Hopefully my tips and tricks will help keep your skin glowing and healthy too.

So first I want to talk about preventives and just behind the scenes things that you wouldn't necessarily thing would MAJORLY affect your skin but they do! First, I always always ALWAYS use a moisturizer with an SPF. This is important A) because the sun SUCKS your skin dry and B) obviously can damage your skin as well. As your driving in the car and even if it's cloudy- your skin can still be affected. Next, I try to drink as much water as I possibly can throughout the day. This is my favorite water bottle- its massive and you only refill it once a day to get your daily recommended water. Usually the amount you need to drink MINIMUM is your weight kg 1 kg = 1 ounce of water you should drink. This is also super good for your hair, too!

So. . . a little about my skin! I have never had a problem with acne or breakouts. I will have an occasional flare up because of hormones but they're pretty rare (thankfully). I have combination skin. Oilier in the summer, dry in the winter. So I am pretty versed in products that help both types of skin. One of the most important tips I can give you is DRINK. MORE. WATER- I can't say this enough! It will do wonders for your skin I promise!

In the the morning when I wake up, I always use this beaded cleanser. I am a HARD sleeper and I get really hot at night so I always need a good cleansing on my face in the morning and I really feel like the beads do the trick and really get my skin clean! Then I immediately use this moisturizer. I love it because it's matte and it does a really good job of leaving your skin NOT feeling oily. If it's the colder months or my skin is visibly dry and/or flaky, I use this moisturizer to bring it back to life- I've used this one for years and I SWEAR by it.

Clinique Moisture Surge (extreme moisturizer)

I have used this off and on for years and it will be forever one of my favorites, especially in the winter! There really is no other product (that I have found) that can change dry skin to well moisturized overnight! It can be a bit pricey- but sometimes getting it in a set or on a good deal is the way to go!

Formula 10.6 Shine Free (matte moisturizer)

If you are more of a matte person, this is the product for you! I have used their masks for years and I randomly saw this in Ulta one day and I decided to try it! Super good if you’re wanting to make your makeup not look shiny! It sort of feels like a primer and less wet- if that make sense, but it still gives your skin the moisture it needs

If you're immediately applying make up after moisturizing DON'T- your moisturizer hasn't had time to soak in so your just swirling it around with your foundation anyways.

Before applying my foundation I always use this eye creamThis is made for your dark circles under your eyes and its honestly the best. I actually got this in my last Fab Fit Fun box and I’ve been using it ever since. You can literally feel it tighten under your eyes! It is color correcting and blurry as well so it’s perfect for right before you apply your makeup.

After wearing my makeup all day- I use these makeup wipes to remove most of my makeup before washing my face again with the same cleanser. If I am using a mask, I'll use the makeup wipes, apply the mask, and then do my face wash.

Favorite Masks

Watermelon Glow - overnight for moisture

Formula 10.6 peel - glowing peel mask 

Form 10.6 cucumber - soothing redness 

I am no expert on the topic of skin, and like I said before, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to different things- which is why I myself always try a product before using it. So I recommend you do the same! Sephora is an awesome resource for getting samples- so go there first! For drug store brand products, I recommend purchasing from Wal-Mart because they will exchange almost anything and that way you won’t be out any money! I hope this is helpful to you all and feel free to message or send me an email if you have any questions!