Cute Ponytail for Summer

cute ponytails for blondes women for summer barefoot blonde hair

Hey babes!   Tonight I’m sharing with you guys how I do this cute, fun side pony! I always love trying new hairstyles, when I have time haha! This one is SUPER easy and definitely dresses up a ponytail! 

1. Put hair in a side ponytail

2. Take a piece from the back and wrap around your ponytail to hide elastic

3. Tuck the "tail end" of the wrap back into the elastic

4. It should look like this!

5.  Add another elastic slightly below, I did it about 2.5-3 inches apart- and pull the sides, and front and back to "poof it out."

6. When you're done "poofing" grab your hair below the elastic and pull apart, tightening your poof!

7. Repeat steps 2 & 3

8. Keep going until you have about 3-4 inches of hair left and then you're done!

It should turn out like this!