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Dallas Travel Guide

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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Finally- sharing all about our Dallas trip! Caleb's best friend is in law school there with his wife so we stayed with them and it was so fun. I had only been to Texas once before with Caleb right after we first met to visit them too, but it was in Austin! I actually really like Texas. Dallas was an especially fun trip and I love being able to explore a new city.

But first, story time. . . So 2 nights before we were supposed to leave, Caleb and I were talking about his work, etc and we realized that I booked our flight A DAY EARLY. Caleb works night shift in the ER right now and I guess we just got our days confused and I was freaking out. We called Delta and it was going to be $150-$300 PER TICKET to change our flight. We're on a pretty tight budget because only one of us is working, Caleb is in school, etc. So I was like great, either we wasted $600 in plane tickets and we're not gonna go or we're gonna have to shell out another $600 to go. So Caleb headed to work and I was still on hold to get to the next person to tell me exactly how much, etc. I had been on hold for like 30 minutes and my phone dings and I got a confirmation email of my flight changing so I hung up and looked into it more. On both the email and my Delta app said it was changed and we hadn't been charged a dime!

Oh but it gets better. . . so we made it to Atlanta and we get to the airport around 11 AM. Our flight wasn't leaving until 1:58 PM so we got Starbucks and got in the TSA line. We make it to the front and they inform us we have to go talk to a Delta agent to print the boarding pass and lay eyes on Liam since he was riding in a lap. So then we have 45 minutes to make it through the agent line, TSA, and run to our terminal. We make it through TSA with 10 minutes to get to the terminal and WE ARE LITERALLY SPRINTING. Btw Liam was dead asleep in my arms and I am running, holding him, and pushing the stroller. Poor Caleb was running with the carseat and both of our suitcases, I have no idea how. We made it to the gate with 2 minutes to spare but OUR FLIGHT TOOK OFF EARLY. Like really. lol So Caleb was prepared to buy more tickets for us but Delta came through and gave us free tickets AGAIN. So basically we're flying Delta for life. LOL


Cake Bar - THE BEST CAKE OMG. So so yummy ( I am a sucker for Wedding cake haha )

Torchy's - tacos and more!!! Oh my gosh and so so good. We ate this on the first night we were there and I ate SO much chips and queso. Literally the best queso I have EVER had!

La Ventana - Another Mexican place! We ate a ton of Mexican on this trip haha. In the farmer's market! They live right around the corner from the Farmer's market so we ate there a couple times while we stayed!

Farmer's Market - tons of yummy foods and shops etc. Italian, Mexican, seafood, burgers and more! Such a fun atmosphere and everything is local.

Del Frisco's - upscale and perfect for a nice date night!

Lala land Kind cafe - Coffee and pastries. I had the most amazing french toast latte. Omg it was delicious! The cutest coffee house I have ever seen.

In 'n Out - burgers and fries!!! Sooo good. I'm partial to In n Out over Whataburger.

To Do:

Scooters: Y'all if you live in a city with these scooters by Uber and Lime, etc you have to try them! They are so much fun and we rode them all over Dallas. They go pretty fast too haha!

Class Pass: I so wish we had this Knoxville, but they have it in a ton of cities. Nicolette showed me while we were there but Class Pass is an app that you pay X amount of money for credits and you can use them at a ton of different places. Yoga, Zumba, Medical Spas, Massages, Cycle classes and more! So you can try all sorts of places without committing to just one. We did a Yoga class and full body cryotherapy! It was so fun and it's perfect for traveling.

Downtown Dallas: Shopping + more. We didn't really do much downtown besides scooter to Starbucks and tour Holden's law school but it was so pretty! Next time we will have to spend more time down there but I did see a Neiman's!

Northpark Center: This mall is AMAZING. Anything you could ever want. Free People, Gucci, Lululemon, Nordstrom, everything! We spent HOURS in here and it was so fun!

Wearing a small in this cute little Amazon dress! I have worn it as a pool coverup too a couple times and it is seriously SO cute. Love the tassel details and how light it is! Will be searching for it in another color and pattern.

One of my favorite dresses for this summer! Also another amazon find and I am obsessed. Super cute tiered detailing- I am wearing a small. These shoes are dupes for the Chloe designer version! My exact ones are sold out but I linked the other dupes as well.

Pink and gingham? Sold! Wearing all the high waisted swimmies this summer bc #mombod. Lol It also comes in the regular bikini bottoms as well. I am wearing the medium ( J Crew suits run super small in the bust area so I always size up!).