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Searching For. . . The Best Jeans

Monday, June 10, 2019

Searching for J E A N S! I don't know about you all- but I always have the hardest time finding a good pair of jean. First of all- I hate them! I hate how stiff they are and they're just uncomfortable to wear in my opinion. I am usually just more inclined to buy jeggings because I just can't stand them. Haha! I am shorter, so that is also a problem when searching for a good pair of jeans. I liked the cuff look, but I mean sometimes I just don't want to rock it! Then what about different styles like flares? You can't cuff those if they're too long! I tried on a bunch of different pairs to find some new ones for this upcoming Fall and Winter but I am also going to share with you ones that I have had for a long time that I love!

(I'm 5'2" for reference)

American Eagle - Next Level Jegging

I have always been a fan of American Eagle jeans. I have had them for years and I just keep coming back- even though it seems every year their sizing changes! The jeggings are my absolute favorite just because of how soft and comfy they are. They really do feel like leggings. They run longer but not too too long, I personally wouldn't even cuff these- not enough length to!

Fit: tight, run small, wearing a 6

Comfort: very soft and stretchy

Paige - Skinny Jeans
I'll start by saying first off that these are a pricier pair of jeans. I got them on SUPER SALE and paid less than $50 for them! They are great though. Very thinning, not high waisted but not super low cut either. They are less of a jegging material but still not as stiff as a normal type of jean. Length is perfect on me!

Fit: TTS wearing a 28

Comfort: softer than normal jean

J Crew - Curvy Skinny

These are a pair I've had for years. They're a stretchier jean, but definitely a thicker material. I love the fit of these because it tucks in the right places, but still allows you to have nice, natural curves as well. They also run short- but they make a tall version too if you're taller. These fit perfect in every way.

Fit: TTS  (28)

Comfort: stretchy but more of a stiff jean

Free People - Button Fly Skinny, Busted Knee

So the destroyed ones I linked are the exact pair, but the second pair are just the same style in a different wash (without the destroyed). Loveeeeee the button fly trend- that's actually why I picked up this pair. They are a true jegging, high waisted. Just a cute pair of jeans to wear with a cropped shirt, or a shirt that can be tucked in.

Busted knee jeans are my fave! I have the olive, white, and denim pairs and I absolutely love them! I wore them soon after I had Liam and they're all high waisted so they suck it in really well! Haha.

Fit: Runs small (28)

Comfort: very stretchy! busted knees aren't as stretchy but I still love them!

Express - Flares/Destroyed Skinny

Flares: My favorite pair of flares to date! Super soft material and I love the detailing on them too! They are a little long on me, but I usually wear these with wedges!

Skinnys: Love the destroyed/dark wash combo on these! Not super stretchy- but still more comfortable than normal jeans!

Fit: TTS on both pairs (flares: 27, skinnys: 27)

Comfort: both are super soft

Lucky Charlie Skinnys

MY ALL TIME FAVES! SO SO SO soft- don't know if it's cause I've had them for forever or they're actually that soft. lol They're so comfy and stretchy and I wore them even when I was pregnant!

Fit: TTS wearing a 27

Comfort: super soft