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N-SALE 2019!!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Let's be real for a minute. . . is the sale really that great? Well I guess we're gonna find out! I've only shopped in store once probably 3-4 years ago and I did actually snag some good stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I L O V E to splurge on things I know I'll wear again and again. Then again, I dislike how sometimes I feel pressured to buy something and throw it in the back of my closet because I've already shared it with y'all. So I always try to buy things I can wear multiple times multiple ways. I mean, how often do you all buy something and only wear it once?! I think a lot of times I get caught up in trying to stay #ontrend when I should just wear what makes ME look and feel good. That being said, don't feel pressured to buy something EVEN if it is a good deal, buy it because you love and it you'll wear it! No pressure here, just sharing my picks and buys!

nordstrom anniversary sale 2019 sale picks what to buy at the nordy sale


The Nordstrom Sale is a sale that Nordstrom does at the end of every Summer with NEW Fall arrivals! The most popular items of the season are usually included and on sale! After the sale prices go back up so if you love it, buy it! (Or wait until it goes on sale again! lol)



*** If you're not already a cardmember, don't worry, don't try and go into debt just to get in on the sale, this year they're doing a ton of more inventory so everyone is able to shop!



- Unique cold-weather tops
- Cardigans (prints, stripes)
- CHEAP booties
-Maybe a hat (idk if it will look good but we'll see lol)
-Beauty items
-Baby stuff
- basics (camis, tees)
- SPANX leggings

That being said. . . check back for an update! I am shopping on Friday AM so my post will be up that morning/afternoon!


Spanx Leggings $64 - I've been wanting a pair of these for a looooong time so I finally gave in while they were on sale. I got a medium. They're pretty true to size but are super fitting - but thats the style of them!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan $76 - (heathered pearl) - SPLURGED on this baby but man is she soft! Lol I got a medium so I can layer it for the winter and it will be super comfy! SOSOSOSO soft and I will be living in it all fall and winter... maybe some at home this summer too.

***NOT part of N SALE*** Vince Camuto Sandals  $59 on sale- These run small, but are super cute and comfy for summer, a Chloe dupe! Comes in several colors and since they are closed toe, I think you can even style them for fall too!

Pink Leopard tee $15 - I got a medium in this- it's pink and leopard so I had to! We'll see what it looks like when I get it!

Long Sleeve Henley $25 - I got a medium in this online in the Mustard! Comes in 4 different colors and looks so soft and cozy. I can't wait to try it on!

Candles $17 - Candle trio- they smell so good! Kinda like the Anthropologie candles.

Madewell Sweater $49 - Ordered this on a whim because it is just SO cute! I love the pinks in it and the pocket detail! I was hoping it would be here in time for Public Access, but no luck! Can't wait to show it to you all on!

MAC Trio $20 - Pink, pink, and more pink!! Mac has the best lippies ever!