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Nashville Travel Guide

Monday, September 9, 2019

Yay- so I am finally doing a recap of my trip to Nashville & the Pink Lily party - I know a lot of you all wanted to know some deets about it, who I met, etc so of course I will tell you all about that! First up, let's talk outfits & photo spots! 

jessie james decker kittenish store in nashville photo spots

Kittenish - Jessie James Decker Store


SWEATER : Pink Lily - M // JEANS : American Eagle Tomigirl - 6 //  BOOTIES : JustFab 7.5 // SUNNIES : Ray Ban blue gradient // BAG : Vintage Chanel Maxi Caviar // 

Always been a huge fan of Jessie James Decker! I think she is so cute and funny and I just love their whole family! Had to stop by her store in the Gulch while I was in town- it was super cute and SUPER PINK! So, yeah, cue photo op! lol there was a line to take pictures in front of this wall with the cute little balloon! 

My sweater is from Pink Lily's new Fall line! Love the fringe detail- so fun. They just dropped A TON of new Fall items and y'all, they are to die for!

Amelia's Flower Truck 


SWEATER : Amazon- M green // JEANS : Free People Busted Knee - 28//  BOOTIES : Forever 21 7.5 // SUNNIES : Ray Ban tortoise Erikas // BAG : Vintage Chanel Maxi Caviar // 

We walked up and down 21 south for a hot minute! There is so much to see and do and eat there haha. We ended up at Bartaco for lunch and holy moly it is DELISH!! So freaking good- I could eat 100 tacos there haha! This pic was snapped right before we ate in front of Amelia's Flower Truck!

Emma's Flower Shop - back


CARDIGAN : Amazon - M // TANK : Abercrombie - M // JEANS : American Eagle Tomigirl - 6 //  BOOTIES : JustFab 7.5 // SUNNIES : Ray Ban blue gradient // BAG : Vintage Chanel Maxi Caviar // 

I mean it's pink so we had to right? lol. I actually looked up a bunch of cute photo op spots before I headed to Nashville so I could make the most of my day and a half there! Haha This little shop was on every list I looked at.

The Gulch 


SWEATER : Pink Lily - M // JEANS : Old Navy Superstar Jegging - 4 //  SNEAKERS : Steve Madden 7.5 // 

The Gulch is a super fun area to just walk around and shop! There's a ton of lunch spots and shops to walk in and explore! Milk and Honey is a coffee, pastry, & more little cafe. SO GOOD and really cute!

Draper James back wall


SWEATER : Shop The Mint - M // BOOTIES : JustFab 7.5 // SUNNIES : Ray Ban Tortoise Erika's // BAG : Vintage Chanel Maxi Caviar // 

These photos were taken at the back of Draper James. The blue striped wall may look a little familiar, but we stepped to the back to take a couple shots- there were a ton of people at the Nashville mural and the striped wall waiting to take pictures!

Winky Lux


TANK : Abercrombie - M // JEANS : American Eagle Tomigirl - 6 //  BOOTIES : JustFab 7.5 // SUNNIES : Ray Ban blue gradient //

Winky Lux is a store that is also on the Gluch! It's a really cool makeup store- they have a bunch of cute backdrops and photo op areas but they also have some really fun makeup!

If you're in Nash- you have to stop by Five Daughters Bakery- and not just for the photo op! The have SUPER yummy donuts in a ton of different flavors. It's family owned and there is actually one in Santa Rosa Beach FL too!


So obviously this was my first BIG blogger event with a brand! I was seriously SO nervous lol. I knew a bunch of the huge bloggers were going to be there - they the LORD they sent us outfits to wear bc I would've died picking out an outfit. LOL. 

One of the girls I have been following for a while that is a smaller blogger like me decided to meet up before and walk in together! THANK THA LORD. We walked in and it seriously felt like the Grammy's or something. It was so crazy! Everyone was there and so glam! Haha. They had all sorts of things set up- the new Fall collection, a bunch of ring lights for pictures and a ton of decor. There was A TON of food and a drink bar too. We mingled for a bit- took pics and then sat down and ate while a video played about Pink Lily and Tori (the owner and CEO) which by the way, she's incredibly sweet and such a BOSS! 

They gifted everyone swag bags with a ton of goodies including accessories, clothes, food, and some drinks! Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait until my next invitation to something like that! Going was soooo out of my comfort zone. I am usually a very outgoing person, but only once I warm up and get to know people! Lol. So if you ever get invited to an event like that  YOU HAVE TO GO!  I definitely regret not being more outgoing and saying hi to more people but it was so overwhelming! Especially when everyone else knew each other!

Where I Stayed

I stayed at this cute little airbnb just outside of downtown. It was super clean and cute- lots of space and a coffee bar! The bathroom was extremely clean and brand new- extra towels and linens. I was able to check myself in and out without having to contact anyone or having any trouble! I felt safe and secluded- the perfect space for one person traveling alone or a couple! Honestly, the room was so big- I could've brought Liam and his pack n play too!

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