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What to Wear to a Wedding: Fall/Winter

Monday, September 2, 2019


DRESS: J Crew (old) Similar options here & here // SHOES: Steve Madden // BAG : Chanel - Vintage Caviar Maxi (similar here & here) // 

So this is the outfit I wore to my friends wedding this weekend! It was super fun - I honestly haven't been to a wedding in a long time, I forgot how much I love them! A bunch of my other friends were there too so it was a blast! I also cried- ALOT- but I am a crier lol I cry all the time! Congrats Katie & Mikey!!

I used to think of Summer as wedding season but this year I feel like all the weddings I have to attend have fallen during this Fall and Winter! I saved a couple of my faves and I am sharing them with you all to hopefully make it easier for you all to pick one out! I'm also going to include a guide on what you & you date should wear based on the type of attire!

Black Tie:


You should be in a full length formal gown or dress. I don't think I have ever really been to a black tie wedding to be honest, but I know people who have! Long gowns or dresses only! 


Guys should be in a full tuxedo for black tie.

Formal Gown Options:

Formal Attire/Black Tie Optional:


You should wear a floor length dress or a VERY formal midi or tasteful length dress. Most nicer weddings will be formal like this. If you are going to wear a short dress, make sure it's a tasteful length and isn't too tight!


Guys should be in a black or dark colored suit.

Formal Attire Options:

Semi Formal & Dressy:


Dress (any tasteful length), skirts, or a jumpsuit. This is what a majority of weddings will fall under!


Nice shirt and khakis or slacks/dress pants.

Semi Formal Options:

Personally, when in doubt OVERDRESS. It's always better to be overdresses than stand out and be the only one who isn't fancy enough! Also of course, avoid white, light beige or tan, or other colors that have a cream or whitish color overall!