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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Best of Drug Store Beauty


DRESS : Nordstrom Rack (sold out) similar here // HEADBAND : Amazon multi pack // JEAN JACKET : Target -M // EARRINGS : Altar'd State // NECKLACE : Etsy // 

Kristen Ess Hair

Dry Shampoo - Very light and non greasy, will turn white if you use too much but all you have to do is take your fingers and rub it in to fix it! I swear by this stuff.

Dry Conditioner - Great if you have tangly or curly hair in the AM to make it easier to brush out without adding water or wetting your hair! Keeps it shiny and fresh too!

Blow Dry Mist - Adds shine to your hair too- without making it greasy! I add this in before even letting my hair dry too.

Native Deodorant - I have tried A MILLION deodorants since I had Liam trying to find one that lasts longer than a few hours. I have only been using this one for a few days so far but it has worked way better than anything else I have tried so far! They have several scents and UNSCENTED- but I got the coconut vanilla.

Loreal Sublime Tanning - Great for touch ups. Smells so good, so you can use it the day of without having to wash it all off. It's a mousse, but it's lightweight and refreshing too. Great color for same day!

Color Stay Stick - OBSESSED WITH THIS. I picked up a few different lip products this morning and this is the only one that I liked. It comes in a bunch of pretty colors and it is GORGEOUS! 

Loreal Concealer - Dupe for the Tarte shape tape. I actually like it better than shape tape- comes in a lot of different shades so if you're in doubt of which one to get, go lighter, you can always bronze it up if you need too!

Covergirl Setting Powder - SO CHEAP. $5.99 at Target- which is amazing cause setting powders can get pricey and I love to bake! LOL. This one also has a very soft and matte look- I use it all over as well and it works amazing. They do have different shades as well.

Wet N Wild Spray - Love the smell of this one! Great for setting as well. I feel like it dries really well without making you greasy or dewy- I personally don't like a dewy look!

Morphe 25B - My absolute go to palette. It has all the perfect neutral colors- and some glittery ones as well. They blend amazing and last all day long. 

Loreal Lash paradise
-I forgot to mention this one in my video because I left it in my car yesterday! lol. The perfect dupe for better than sex and it's half the price! Comes in black and browns and they just launched some fun colors as well!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Most Popular Shoes For Fall - Shoe Dupes


DRESS: Forever 21- wearing a medium, TTS so comfy! // BOOTS: Target- size up 1/2 size // BELT: Amazon dupe // SUNNIES:  Ray Ban // 

I am so excited to share some great dupe casual shoes for Fall! From booties to mules, I've got ya covered. So happy y'all LOVED the Target dupe boots- they're my absolute favorite. I ended up getting the grey and black and now I am just patiently waiting for the tan to get restocked lol! They're sold out in almost every size and I see why!! Sadly the tan ones aren't sold in store either or I'd be driving to literally every Target. Haha

* Just click an image to shop* 

So first there are the Target boots VS the Goodnight Macaroon Marlo boots. Personally I am a HUGE fan of the Target ones for several reasons. A- because of the price and B- the seam on the Goodnight Macaroon boots is not for me! Guys- any boots like these WILL fall down at some point while you're wearing them- however these are really tight and they don't slip down SUPER far. They also come in wide leg! $39.99 vs $140. 

These studded mules are from Red Dress on the left and Seve Madden on the right- literally identical! Come in several colors and I love the chic, edgy vibe of these studded mules! 

I have the right pair in Leopard and they are ADORABLE! Love the buckle and the pointed toe but the left is a more affordable, just as cute option!

These boots are SO cute for Fall/Winter! I am in love with them. They look super warm and cozy too! The left pair are from WALMART- believe it or not! A dupe for this Steve Madden pair.

These leopard shoes are SO SO CUTE! Also another Walmart find- a cuter (in my opinion) these Gucci tennis shoes.

I LOVE the look of these lace up booties! I think they are adorable- for a casual outfit, or to dress one up! A dupe found for one of my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

I got these Steve Madden booties and I ADORE them! They are so so cute and I have been trying to find a similar pair that are cheaper- Forever 21 for the win! These are a little different but still a cute pair of leopard booties!

I got this left pair from Target last week and they are SO SO cute and comfy- I love them. I had been searching for the ones on the right (on sale) but I couldn't find them cheaper than $80. Of course the Target ones don't have a pointed toe, but they are JUST as cute!

I got these lower heel black boots from Target last year and they are so so cute! They have them restocked this year- and are just as cute! Love the tie at the back too.

These tennis shoes are SUPER popular right now. I purchased the black pair- but since I don't wear A TON of back, I ended up taking them back but they were SO cute. I may have regrets LOL!

Friday, October 25, 2019

All About Skin Care- My Routine

Hey babes. So today I am going to be talking about my skin and current skin care routine! Luckily, my mother and grandmother both have amazing skin still so I got lucky with my genetics. Hopefully my tips and tricks will help keep your skin glowing and healthy too.

So first I want to talk about preventives and just behind the scenes things that you wouldn't necessarily thing would MAJORLY affect your skin but they do! First, I always always ALWAYS use a moisturizer with an SPF. This is important A) because the sun SUCKS your skin dry and B) obviously can damage your skin as well. As your driving in the car and even if it's cloudy- your skin can still be affected. Next, I try to drink as much water as I possibly can throughout the day. This is my favorite water bottle- its massive and you only refill it once a day to get your daily recommended water. Usually the amount you need to drink MINIMUM is your weight kg 1 kg = 1 ounce of water you should drink. This is also super good for your hair, too!

So. . . a little about my skin! I have never had a problem with acne or breakouts. I will have an occasional flare up because of hormones but they're pretty rare (thankfully). I have combination skin. Oilier in the summer, dry in the winter. So I am pretty versed in products that help both types of skin. One of the most important tips I can give you is DRINK. MORE. WATER- I can't say this enough! It will do wonders for your skin I promise!

In the the morning when I wake up, I always use this beaded cleanser. I am a HARD sleeper and I get really hot at night so I always need a good cleansing on my face in the morning and I really feel like the beads do the trick and really get my skin clean! Then I immediately use this moisturizer. I love it because it's matte and it does a really good job of leaving your skin NOT feeling oily. If it's the colder months or my skin is visibly dry and/or flaky, I use this moisturizer to bring it back to life- I've used this one for years and I SWEAR by it.

Clinique Moisture Surge (extreme moisturizer)

I have used this off and on for years and it will be forever one of my favorites, especially in the winter! There really is no other product (that I have found) that can change dry skin to well moisturized overnight! It can be a bit pricey- but sometimes getting it in a set or on a good deal is the way to go!

Formula 10.6 Shine Free (matte moisturizer)

If you are more of a matte person, this is the product for you! I have used their masks for years and I randomly saw this in Ulta one day and I decided to try it! Super good if you’re wanting to make your makeup not look shiny! It sort of feels like a primer and less wet- if that make sense, but it still gives your skin the moisture it needs

If you're immediately applying make up after moisturizing DON'T- your moisturizer hasn't had time to soak in so your just swirling it around with your foundation anyways.

Before applying my foundation I always use this eye creamThis is made for your dark circles under your eyes and its honestly the best. I actually got this in my last Fab Fit Fun box and I’ve been using it ever since. You can literally feel it tighten under your eyes! It is color correcting and blurry as well so it’s perfect for right before you apply your makeup.

After wearing my makeup all day- I use these makeup wipes to remove most of my makeup before washing my face again with the same cleanser. If I am using a mask, I'll use the makeup wipes, apply the mask, and then do my face wash.

Favorite Masks

Watermelon Glow - overnight for moisture

Formula 10.6 peel - glowing peel mask 

Form 10.6 cucumber - soothing redness 

I am no expert on the topic of skin, and like I said before, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to different things- which is why I myself always try a product before using it. So I recommend you do the same! Sephora is an awesome resource for getting samples- so go there first! For drug store brand products, I recommend purchasing from Wal-Mart because they will exchange almost anything and that way you won’t be out any money! I hope this is helpful to you all and feel free to message or send me an email if you have any questions!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Striped Sweater Poncho for Fall + Healthy/Cheaper Pumpkin Spice Latte Hack


SWEATER : Chicwish - S/M TTS- comes in olive & black too! // JEANS : Express - size 6 LOVE these- so comfy // BOOTIES : Just Fab- TTS- very comfortable, low heel // BAG : Speedy Amazon Dupe //

I was soooo excited to get this adorable striped tunic from Chicwish! It's super soft and comfy! The side does split up pretty high so I suggest wearing a shirt underneath- especially if it's cooler out. It is the perfect Fall top and it comes in 3 pretty colors- I may be needing more!



Ask for an Iced Coffee with

pumpkin (make sure you tell them how many pumps or it will be WAAAY too sweet)

Tall : 2 pumps
Grande : 3 pumps
Venti : 3-4 pumps

w/ a splash of nonfat milk or cream

and a sprinkle of cinnamon- this makes the world of difference!

TALL : $2-$3
GRANDE : $3-$3.66
VENTI : $3.50-$4.10

** I put ranges because some barista's charge for the pumpkin and some don't! Lol Still cheaper than a Pumpkin Spice Latte either way- plus about 1/3 of the calories! This is 150-300 cals compared to the 300-470 of the latte!

Friday, October 18, 2019

American Eagle Try On

SWEATER : Aerie last year, M (similar here & here) // JEANS : Free People - 28 // BOOTIES : Just Fab - 7.5 // HAT : Walmart // 

Sweater- XS size down // 

Top : Medium, tts // Jeans : Size 8 - size up runs small 

Sweater- Medium, TTS // Jeans : size 6, TTS

Sweater : Medium, TTS, multiple colors! // Jeans : size 6, super stretchy

Sweater : Medium, cropped- size up for length // Jeans - size 6 TTS love all the distressing! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Styling Cozy Sarves For Fall


SWEATER : Forever 21 - size medium, TTS // JEANS : Free People -size 29 // SCARF : Steve Madden // BOOTIES : Forever 21 // BAG : Chanel Vintage Maxi // 

Today I am sharing with you all one of my favorite ways to style a scarf for Fall- with a big cozy sweater and some booties! You can recreate this outfit with a ton of colors in a ton of different ways- I love the orange-peachy tones of this outfit- I match the leaves lol!

I know, I know, it's past labor day and I'm wearing white jeans- but I can't help it! Lol I think they look so pretty year round. I own these in 3 different colors and they are hands down my all time favorite jeans! There are a million ways to style them and they are just so cute! As far as jeans go, they really aren't that pricey- $78 full price but you can usually find them on sale!

Camel is the best for Fall! It can go with any color and is the best neutral!! This sweater is a bit oversized- can be worn with leggings too! Love the turtleneck- I get cold so easy lol!

Monday, October 14, 2019

All About Hair Extensions


TEE : Nordstrom - so cozy, wearing a medium, does have a smaller fit // VEST : Patagonia - love this vest! I have had it for two years and I wear it ALL THE TIME! Totally worth the splurge // LEGGINGS : Gap - my all time faves! Wearing a Medium // BOOTS : Ugg // BEANIE : Amazon // 

Can't believe all this pretty, Fall foliage is right in our backyard lol! The first day Liam I went to the little playground I was like wow- it's super pretty back here- so of course we opted for some pics! Haha. I would call this my winter uniform but it's only Fall, but still I have just been freezing cold with the temps dropping 20-30 degrees over night! Not to mention- it's incredibly comfortable! I have already raved and raved about these leggings here, but I can't say enough good things about this vest either- I have had it for 2 years now and it's held up amazingly!

Now for the good stuff :) EXTENSIONS! Y'all, I have never been more obsessed with my hair in my entire life- it.is.amazing. So if you haven't seen my recent hair WITHOUT extensions, this is what post baby hair loss looks like. I'm not necessarily balding anywhere- my hair has just gotten A TON thinner. It breaks super easy and is just hard to do anything with!

The first thing they do for the extensions is section off your hair and add these beads row by row! After that they do that, each weft is sewn in onto the beads! It can be a little tight after for a few days but it isn't really painful!

&. . . then you have amazing GORGEOUS hair like this!! I couldn't believe it!! They are SO lightweight and just make life and doing your hair 100% easier- unless it's wash day.

UPDATE- I FINALLY GOT HAND-TIED EXTENSIONS! YAY! I am so excited to share more about them with you guys. Hands down, my favorite type. They look amazing and are so much easier to deal with. I almost never wash my hair and it's honestly so much easier.



I got them put in by Hana Hill (here is her insta!) at Whitney Evans Beauty in Knox! They are absolutely amazing and have the SWEETEST staff - and also the salon is GORGEOUS!


The pricing varies based on the length of hair you are wanting to get. The initial install is $650 + the cost of the hair.


16 inches - $405
20 inches - $565
22 inches - $725 - mine are these!
24 inches - $850

The upkeep on hand tied extensions is usually ever 8-9 weeks to get them moved up! It is only $250 each time to get them moved up.

Obviously something like this is a HUGE investment but I think it is 100% worth it if it is something you really want to do. I ADORE them and I don't think I could live without them now. lol!


I have 3 rows total in my head! That may seem like a lot, but they don't feel heavy at all. When I shower- they do feel heavier but I usually just tie my hair up in a t shirt when I get out so I don't feel the weight!


The first couple days my head was kind of sore- but just like I slept in a pony tail sore! Not bad at all.


Yes! I can wear it in a bun, half up, however I want. You can't see them at all!


I literally NEVER blow dry my hair! The only time it gets blown dry is at the salon- I just don't have the time or need- I just let my hair air dry before styling and if I'm in a rush I'll blow dry it the rest of the way after a few hours but it takes like 5 minutes. The day I wash my hair is the longest it takes to style- probably about an hour, but the next 7-9 days I just have to brush it and touch up maybe 1 or 2 curls!


By far the hand tied! Below I go into detail about others I have tried but these are my absolute favorite!

All About Extensions

Today's post is all about all different kinds of extensions I have used and what I like and disliked about them. I have used several types of extensions, all different kinds and brands. I love having the option to change the length of my hair without cutting it or having to do something that may damage my hair. Obviously this is just my personal preference and I have nothing against people who choose a different kind than me, just sharing what works best for my routine and hair!


I had tape ins for about 6 weeks and I couldn’t stand them. I hated the way they felt on my hair and it was hard to brush my hair with them. I have really naturally curly hair and I felt like I could never get my hair thoroughly brushed through (once they grew out a little). I loved the way they looked though! I also didn’t like how often you would have to come back to get them moved up, etc. I felt like these were the most damaging to my hair out of all the types I have used. When they got taken out I had MILD bald spots from where they pulled and pulled on my hair.

Hand- Tied:

If you follow any big bloggers, then you have probably heard of these! A lot of them go to Chrissy in Arizona and clearly she is just amazing. There are a couple local places that have done the class and provide the service of the hand-tied extensions and honestly I want to try them SO bad. The downside is they are SO expensive. Most places start around $1,000 and they have to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. I have never had these but I hope to try them one day so I don't have to take out my hair every night lol.



I have actually used a couple of different clip in brands! The first ones I ever had were Bellami hair. I liked the way they looked and how easy they were to put in and take out. However, they didn’t last very long at all. They shed like crazy and split super easy. These were also the very first set I had- so i didn't take good care of them. They weren't 100% human hair either- so I don't recommend synthetic hair at all. They don't last! Most extensions you have to be very gentle with but these really didn’t hold up well enough to be worn every single day. I have one of their ponytail extensions too and I like it. It has held up great but I also don’t wear it everyday.

The second brand are Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup! (These are the ones I wear now). First of all, if you don’t follow her, YOU HAVE TO. She has the cutest fam and is seriously like the most gorgeous girl ever and so so sweet! I got these toward the end of May and was so impressed from the start. One of the hardest parts about finding a GOOD pair of extensions is color matching. Since all extensions are so fragile, you can’t really dye them to match your hair, if you do the life of them shortens tremendously. So most of the time a stylish who is familiar with extensions will recommend  coloring your hair to match them. A service that Barefoot Blonde offers is a sample pack of extensions. You can pick 5 color choices and you pay the $5 shipping and they ship you the samples to keep and try on to figure out which colors matches the best! This is how I matched them to my hair.

Wear- Most clip-ins should last you a year or more (if you take care of them). When it comes to extensions, you really get what you pay for, so spending a little more is usually the way to go so they stay looking nice and new and they last a long time. You don't want to waste your money, they can be super pricey!

Overall, clip-ins are my fave! I love that I can take them out if I want and clip them in different ways if I want a different hairstyle. If you're interested in extensions feel free to message me with questions :) I'll be happy to answer them if I can!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fall Outfit Recap 9/6-9/13


TOP : Nordstrom Rack - M TTS, super super soft and comes in a ton of colors! // LEGGINGS: Gap - M, super comfy fit and not see through // BOOTIES : DSW - a great light taupe color for Fall // BAG : Amazon LV // 

This thermal will definitely be worn over and over this season! It's super soft and looks like Free People but it's a third of the price and AMAZING quality. I love my Free People tops but sometimes I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on the- esp when Liam is constantly wiping his little, messy hands on me! Lol. These Gap leggings are my all time faves- besides Spanx and praise Jesus- they're not see through- so you can wear them with anything.  I got these last year on sale and now they're on sale again and I LOVEEE them! They've held up really well. I love these light taupe colored booties- I tried so hard to find a light pair that were more of a grey color and I love these!


SWEATER : Walmart - M TTS, love this color pattern, and comes in some others too // JEANS: Paige - size 6  // BOOTS : similar options here and here //



TOP : GAP- S, runs large! // JEANS: Express - size 6 // SNEAKS : Steve Madden - love these I wear them all the time! //