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Most Popular Shoes For Fall - Shoe Dupes

Monday, October 28, 2019


DRESS: Forever 21- wearing a medium, TTS so comfy! // BOOTS: Target- size up 1/2 size // BELT: Amazon dupe // SUNNIES:  Ray Ban // 

I am so excited to share some great dupe casual shoes for Fall! From booties to mules, I've got ya covered. So happy y'all LOVED the Target dupe boots- they're my absolute favorite. I ended up getting the grey and black and now I am just patiently waiting for the tan to get restocked lol! They're sold out in almost every size and I see why!! Sadly the tan ones aren't sold in store either or I'd be driving to literally every Target. Haha

* Just click an image to shop* 

So first there are the Target boots VS the Goodnight Macaroon Marlo boots. Personally I am a HUGE fan of the Target ones for several reasons. A- because of the price and B- the seam on the Goodnight Macaroon boots is not for me! Guys- any boots like these WILL fall down at some point while you're wearing them- however these are really tight and they don't slip down SUPER far. They also come in wide leg! $39.99 vs $140. 

These studded mules are from Red Dress on the left and Seve Madden on the right- literally identical! Come in several colors and I love the chic, edgy vibe of these studded mules! 

I have the right pair in Leopard and they are ADORABLE! Love the buckle and the pointed toe but the left is a more affordable, just as cute option!

These boots are SO cute for Fall/Winter! I am in love with them. They look super warm and cozy too! The left pair are from WALMART- believe it or not! A dupe for this Steve Madden pair.

These leopard shoes are SO SO CUTE! Also another Walmart find- a cuter (in my opinion) these Gucci tennis shoes.

I LOVE the look of these lace up booties! I think they are adorable- for a casual outfit, or to dress one up! A dupe found for one of my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

I got these Steve Madden booties and I ADORE them! They are so so cute and I have been trying to find a similar pair that are cheaper- Forever 21 for the win! These are a little different but still a cute pair of leopard booties!

I got this left pair from Target last week and they are SO SO cute and comfy- I love them. I had been searching for the ones on the right (on sale) but I couldn't find them cheaper than $80. Of course the Target ones don't have a pointed toe, but they are JUST as cute!

I got these lower heel black boots from Target last year and they are so so cute! They have them restocked this year- and are just as cute! Love the tie at the back too.

These tennis shoes are SUPER popular right now. I purchased the black pair- but since I don't wear A TON of back, I ended up taking them back but they were SO cute. I may have regrets LOL!