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Gift Guide for Moms + Cable Knit Sweater for Winter

Friday, November 22, 2019

SWEATER: Aerie (old) similar here & here //  BOOTS: Target - TTS 7.5 // LIP: Colourpop //

Love wearing this "Christmas Tree" green for winter! Lol especially paired with a red lip- it's perfect for the holidays- I think this sweater would be super cute with a plaid skirt too. 

These boots I have been wearing nonstop- if you couldn't tell from my Instagram. lol, The best boots EVER and they're under $50- also would make a great gift if you know her shoes size! haha. 

Now for the mom gift guide. . . 

YAY! Now you'll know exactly what to get your mom (or a mom) for Christmas- just click on an image to shop!

My aunts and mom all got these one year and they are so cute- can do the kids initials in it! I wanted one but then I just got Liam's name (since I only have one) lol!

Let's be honest, if you've seen the inside of my car- you know I need this! HAHAH. They're really useful when you grocery shop too so your groceries don't go flying everywhere!

Such a great idea for coffee drinkers- esp at work or if they stay at home all morning!

Such adorable piece to add to any luggage or bad!

I think this one is just so sweet- especially if your mom or grandmother have a special recipe for something!

AHHH I love this one too- I want  to get one of the house I grew up in before they sell it! Hopefully won't be anytime soon.

If you've been on Instagram- you've probably seen this massager- but you definitely need it in your life! Lol

SO sweet- love the watercolor- comes in a ton of different sizes!

Nice leather tote in multiple colors!

This board is so pretty! Plus it has initials on it!