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Gift Guides for the Girl in Your Life

Monday, November 18, 2019

Yay!! My girl's gift guide is finally live! I honestly hav so much fun creating these- mainly because it either gives me ideas of what I want for Christmas- or ideas for other people I still need to buy for. This one can be used for your best friend, your girlfriend, sister, fiance, wife, whatever! All of them are SUPER affordable- so you're in luck! LOL. Click on any image to start shopping!

Y'all!! These boots- they are seriously the best. Under $50 and they come in 3 different colors. They are SUPER popular so if she doesn't already have them- trust me- she's dying for a pair!

Everyone has been raving about this brush- I just ordered one, so I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet!

Okay how cute is this??! I need a pink one for my kitchen! lol The perfect mini coffee maker for a college student, office, or someone who just doesn't have A TON of space in their kitchen!

BLANKET OF YOUR DREAMS! Lol I promise- I cuddle up in it daily! On sale here in multiple colors!

Okay these and the blanket? You're set for life! lol

One of the best neutral palettes out right now!

I have gotten so many questions about these and I LOVE them! So cute and classy and there are a ton of styles!

Stumbled upon these on Etsy the other day and they are just tooooo cute!

Trust me, she wants this. . .lol

The cutest colorblock windbreaker!