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Red Lips for the Holidays

Friday, November 15, 2019

my favorite:

Super matte, lightweight- easy to take off! Will most likely be going back for more colors- I love this stuff!

Others in the video :

Not at all a holiday red- unless you pair it with a liner! But still a really pretty color I think and a great formula!

Really pretty pinky red! This one is not matte- shiny and glossy!

This one was my favorite from last year- It does have to be reapplied often!

NYX Liquid Suede - Kitten Heels

This one was a front runner too- over all I just chose the colourpop because it is more lightweight- I still really liked this one! 

Loved this one a lot too- super matte, but I feel like color is more orangey than a true red!