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Taking a Dress From Fall to Winter

Monday, November 11, 2019


SWEATER: old American Eagle (similar here) // DRESS : Old Navy - Medium TTS // BOOTS : Target // 

GUYS theses leaves- I don't want them to go! I found this pretty spot at my Alma Mater the other day and the leaves were still bright and orange- for the time being. It's supposed to snow tomorrow lol. 

Anyways- I am sharing how I took this flannel Fall dress to Winter by adding this sweater over top! When the temp drops around here- it seems to always get SUPER windy- so this dress wasn't exactly the perfect winter piece. As much as I love a good skirt- I thought it would be easier- and warmer to just throw it on top of my dress, grab some boots and go! It took me trying a few dresses to get it to look right but I am obsessed with how it turned out!

My dress is a light flannel material and comes in several prints/colors. You could really do several colors overtop of this dress- I just opted for the white! I think grey- or a taupe color to match my boots would be super cute too!

Stay warm everyone- and do the snow dance tonight- lol! I'm ready for it!